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Important Days In July: Which Days Hold More Significance Over Others?

This article offers details about the important days in July that are celebrated in the remembrance of people and events. Take a look at the list here -

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important days in july

The name of July came from the family name of Roman ruler Julius Caesar. Like other months, many important days in July are often celebrated for a cause or to raise awareness about some matter. Take a look at the list tat details the important days in July.

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Important days in July

1 July: National Doctors Day

This is one of the most important days in July, celebrated to honour the doctors and their contribution to society.

1 July- CA day (national)

It has been celebrated to mark the founding day of the ICAI since 1949.

1 July- GST Day

This day is celebrated to mark the importance of GST, which is the new Indian taxation system.

3 July- International Plastic Bag Free Day

The third of July is marked as international plastic bag free day to raise awareness about plastic bags' ill effects and how to reuse them.

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4 July- International Day of Cooperatives

The first Saturday of July is also among the important days in July 2021. This day is celebrated to honour co-operative movements throughout the world.

11 July- World Population Day

The 12th of July is marked as world population day to raise concerns about population issues throughout the globe.

15 July- Youth Skills Day

Fifteenth July is celebrated as world youth skills day to encourage the youth to learn about vocational, technical education and training to become skilled professionals.

17 July- International Justice Day

This day is celebrated to raise awareness about delivering justice to victims suffering from war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

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18 July- Nelson Mandela Day

The 18th of July is observed to celebrate Nelson Mandela's efforts in working towards human rights, democracy and conflict resolution.

20 July- International Chess Day

20th July is among the special days in July as it is celebrated to remember the founding of the International Chess Federation in Paris in 1924.

23 July- National Broadcasting Day

The 23rd July is marked as Indian National Broadcasting day to remember when the first radio broadcast went on air on 23rd July 1927 from Indian Broadcasting Company.

26 July- Kargil Vijay Diwas

In 1999, the Indian Army took command of the Kargil outposts from the Pakistani Army.

28 July- World Hepatitis Day

The 28th of July is celebrated as World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness about this deadly disease.

29 July- International Tiger Day

It is celebrated to raise awareness about tiger conservation.

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30 July- International Friendship Day

The US and the rest of the world celebrate this day as international friendship day to celebrate friendship bonds among people.

The month of July also has some auspicious days, Here are the details about auspicious days in July-

12 July- Rath Yatra

This day marks the start of the rath yatra festival when Lord Jagannath goes to his aunt’s house for seven days with his siblings on chariots.

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24 July- Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is celebrated to pay respect to the guru or guide in Hinduism or Buddhism. It is also among auspicious days in July.

Here is a table for your reference-

Dates Important Days

1 July

National Doctors Day

1 July

CA day(national)

1 July


3 July

International Plastic Bag Free Day

4 July

International Day of Cooperatives

11 July

World Population Day

12 July

Rath Yatra

15 July

Youth Skills Day

17 July

International Justice Day

18 July

Nelson Mandela Day

20 July

International Chess Day

23 July

National Broadcasting Day

24 July

Guru Purnima

26 July

Kargil Vijay Diwas

28 July

World Hepatitis Day

29 July

International Tiger Day

30 July

International Friendship Day

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