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Important Days In May That Hold Significance Internationally; Check The List

May, the fifth month of the English calendar, has many memorable dates that hold significance. Continue reading to know which are the important days in May.

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important days in may

The month of May is named thus after Greek Goddess Maia. According to, the name of the month comes from Roman Goddess Maia Majesta. This month also has some days that hold significance internationally. Take look at the list of important days in May -

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Important days in May

1st May- International labour day or Mayday

The first day of the month is among the notable important days in May.  This day is celebrated in India and throughout the world as labour day.

2nd May- World laughter day

The first Sunday of May is celebrated as World Laughter Day. It is also among the important days in May 2021.

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3rd May- Press freedom day

The third day of May is celebrated as press freedom day to celebrate the freedom of the press and mass media and remember the journalists' contributions who have lost their lives on duty.

4th May - International firefighters day

This day has been celebrated since 1999 to celebrate firefighters' contributions and how they help society and wildlife.

4th May- World asthma day

World asthma day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of May. This year May 4 is among the important days in May 2021 when social activists and medical professionals will raise awareness about asthma.

7th May- World athletics day

This month's 7th day is celebrated as world athletics day to promote athletics among the young generation and encourage young talents.

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8th May- World thalassemia day

The 8th may is celebrated as world thalassemia day to raise awareness about this disease and its prevention and cure. The day also celebrates the thalassemia patients who are fighting to live a happy life despite the challenges.

8th May- World Red Cross Day

This day is celebrated to remember the birth of Henry Dunant, the founder of ICRC.

9th May- Rabindra Jayanti

The birth of Rabindranath Tagore is among the special days in May. Tagore, a Nobel laureate and one of the most notable authors and literary artists from India, is known for his songs, poems, dramas, and other humanitarian works.

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9th May- Mother's day

Each year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother's day. This year, Mother's Day falls on May 9. It is also included among the important days in May 2021.

26th May- Buddha Jayanti

The birth of Lord Buddha is also among the auspicious days in May. Buddha Jayanti will be celebrated on 26th May this year. It is celebrated by Buddhists all over the world to mark his birthday.

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Here is a small table of all the special days in May-

Dates Important Days

1st May


2nd May

World laughter day

3rd May

Press freedom day

4th May

International firefighters day

7th May

World athletics day

8th May

World thalassemia day

8th May

World red cross day

9th May

Rabindra Jayanti

9th May

Mothers day

26th May

Buddha Jayanti

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