PM Warns Students Against 'robotic Life', Motivates All To Invest In Extracurriculars


PM Modi has called the education system 'a doorway to enter the vast world' but also opined that examination scores are just another step but not a destination

Written By Pritesh Kamath | Mumbai | Updated On:
PM Modi

During  an interaction with students from across the country in 'Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020', Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the Education system 'a doorway to enter the vast world' but also opined that examination scores which are a part of the mainstream education system, are just another step and not the destination.

Elaborating on how important are the extra-curricular along with studies, PM Modi compared the routine without any extra-curricular activities to be like that of a robot and asked the students whether they want to lead a robotic life.

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'Extra-curricular activities help in external world'

The Prime Minister also spoke of the parental pressure on the students and how it affects the students in a negative manner. "Extra-curricular activities of the kids have become a fashion statement for the parents. They love to flaunt in the social circles that their kids are going to Cricket classes in the morning, then Tennis, then swimming and then in the evening he learns dance forms. Sometimes parents think that their child should learn glamour driven activity so earlier they used to put exam pressure on kids, but nowadays they put pressure on extra-curricular activities as well,'' said PM Modi adding, "Parents should find out the likes and dislikes of their kids, then encourage and push the kids forward into the activities they like".

"If kids do things that they love from a young age then they will not have regrets when they turn 40 and these extra-curricular activities will definitely help you in the external world", the Prime Minister opined.

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PM Modi shared his experience of the day Chandrayaan 2's lunar rover Pragyaan failed to have a safe landing on the moon. PM Modi said, "We can learn about success even in our failures. We can be optimistic in every effort. And if we fail, then that means we are on track to our success".

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