BLISTERING: From 'International Mahamilavat' To Warning Pakistan, Here Are 5 Things You Can't Miss From PM Modi's Speech In Dhar, M.P

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unleashed a blistering attack at what he termed the 'International Mahamilavat', while speaking at Madhya Pradesh's Dhar about India teaching Pakistan a lesson for the latter's long-standing backing of terrorism. 

Here are five things he said that you cannot miss:

1. Warning to Pakistan: Carrying on from his thunderous speech in Ahmedabad on Monday evening, the Prime Minister reiterated to the gathered crowd how the Indian Air Force had entered Pakistan and attacked the terrorists (ghus ke maara). He issued a warning that would have been heard loud and clear in Pakistan about how if they don't mend their ways, they have already been told what will happen to them.

2. Taking on those questioning the Forces: The Prime Minister spoke about how the entire country is in agreement that India did the right thing by avenging the dastardly Pulwama terror attack and that the global community had agreed with India's right to do so. He added, however, that some people within the country didn't agree and had instead resorted to questioning the forces.

3. Slamming the Congress: PM Modi took on the Congress party for being soft on terrorist attacks against India under the UPA regime, and then again for questioning both the Surgical Strike and the aerial strike by the IAF on February 26. He said that under his government, the country's interests were paramount and not the interests of any one family.

"During the terrorist encounter at the Batla House in Delhi, then another such courtier had told the world that people who run the government with remote control were not able to control their tears on the death of the terrorists. Who were the people whose tears were not stopping on the deaths of terrorists? Can we expect the Congress to curb terrorism from the country with this attitude? They are questioning the surgical strike and air strike. Now when we carry on strikes on sleeper cells of the terrorists, they (Congress) used to keep mum during the attacks."

3. Hitting out at Digvijaya Singh: Speaking in Madhya Pradesh, the Prime Minister highlighted how a former CM of the state, referring to Digvijaya Singh, had insulted martyrs by calling the Pulwama terror attack an 'accident'. He made clear his view that this was no accident, rather it was an ideological reflection, and that Digvijaya Singh wasn't just any leader - that he has close links with the Gandhis.

"Party which ruled our country for decades is now questioning abilities of our brave forces, especially a leader from Madhya Pradesh. Today he said Pulwama terror attack is an 'accident'. This is their mentality. This is in their blood. In order to save the terrorists, and be on their sides, now they are terming an attack perpetrated by the terrorists as an accident."

4. The 'International Mahamilavat': The Prime Minister coined an upgraded moniker for the Mahagathbandhan based on his earlier 'Mahamilavat' attack, highlighting how the statements being made by the Opposition questioning the forces had become headlines in Pakistan and were being applauded by Pakistani politicians.

"Their same has happened again. The air-strike has happened in Pakistan but it is these people who are afflicted with grief. Look at the faces of those in the Opposition, they look like they are facing a mountain of trouble. Those doing 'mahamilavat' in India are now also doing 'mahamilavat' at international level. Just for their own benefit they are doing 'mahamilavat' with Pakistan. They abuse Modi here and are applauded in Pakistan. Their statements are making headlines in Pakistan papers. Their faces are on Pakistan TV channels. They have become Pakistan's poster boys."