Chhattisgarh Assembly Polls 2018 LIVE: Second Phase Of Polling In 72 Constituencies To Take Place


The second phase of polling in the state of Chhattisgarh for the 72 constituencies will take place on Tuesday, eight days after the first phase of polling was conducted

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Update at 6:05 PM: EVMs & VVPATs being sealed at the polling station in Baloda Bazar's Simga after the second phase of voting for Chhattisgarh elections concludes. 

Update at 6:00 PM: 64.8 % voter turnout recorded till 5 PM in the second phase

Update at 4:35 PM: 58.47 % voting recorded till 4 PM in the second phase of voting

Update at 4:07 PM: 45.2 % voting recorded till 2:55 PM in the second phase of voting

Update at 1:25 PM: 'I got the opportunity to vote and participate in the celebration of this democracy.  I am quite happy to see the voter turnout here. They have come from far off places to vote here. I am confident that people will vote for BJP and we will with massive majority. We have the target of 65 plus seats here. We are going to come to power yet again with majority. I have been in touch with the leaders from other constituencies as well and they have reported that BJP will be ahead in more than 50 seats. Congress blames EVM machines for their loss. They issue their statement ahead of the verdict. They must be finding the reason for their loss right. They do it every time. But when it comes to certain states like Haryana and Karnataka, there they do not have any answers. We have been checking the faulty EVMs everywhere. Third party alliance is in existence and they have been receiving a lot of support. BJP will be advantageous in the third party alliance. Even if the third party receives votes from 25-30 seats, the division will benefit BJP. People have been coming to vote even if they received several deadly threats": said Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh

Update at 1:09 PM: 100% we are confident. Our target is 65 plus seats. No anti-incumbency factor here: Raman Singh

Update at 1:08 PM: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh arrives to cast his vote in Kawardha district

Update at 12:30 PM: 23.71% voter turnout recorded till 12 PM:

Update at 11:10 am: 

Update at 10:30 am: 12.54% voting recorded till 10 pm in the second phase of voting.

Update at 9:49 am: It is very clear. People are coming in our favor. They want to throw BJP out and have found an alternate in our alliance ie us and BSP. We will form the government on our own: Ajit Jogi

Update at 7:20 am: Voting will begin at 8 am, Ajit Jogi to cast his vote at around 9:30 am.1079 candidates are in fray, around 1 lakh security personnel have been deployed. 

The second phase of polling in the state of Chhattisgarh for the 72 constituencies will take place on Tuesday, eight days after the first phase of polling was conducted. On November 12, the state went into elections, and came out with a 70% voter turnout, despite the threats issued by Maoists and Naxalites. There were minor hiccups during the first phase of polling, including a few attacks by the Maoist groups, but nothing major had taken place. 

Since the first phase of polling, all the parties have gone on ground and held rallies to get the voters in their favor. The alliance of Mayawati and Ajit Jogi has made it clear that they will sit in opposition and not join hands with either BJP or Congress should they fail to get majority.

As for Congress, they have had to face a major embarrassment as Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu made a huge goof up by announcing two different possible CM face in the space of three days, this despite the party keeping their CM candidate's name close to its chest.

Last week, Sidhu had stated that  close aide of Rahul Gandhi and former Union Minister Charandas Mahant will become the CM should his party come to power. But at his rally earlier this week, he hinted that CLP's TS Singh Deo could very well be the next CM of the state, given party president Rahul Gandhi has a lot of faith in him. 

As for the BJP, PM Narendra Modi had heavily campaigned for the party in the state prior to the first phase, and he continued it few more rallies in Chhattisgarh on Sunday. 

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