Congress Doesn't Value Those Who Fight For People: Sanjay Nirupam


Former president of Congress from Mumbai, Sanjay Nirupam, in a press briefing on Friday said that the Congress party has 'no cognisance nor value' for members

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Former president of Congress from Mumbai, Sanjay Nirupam, in a press briefing on Friday said that the Congress party has “no cognisance nor value” for its members. Nirupam said that the party has “no place” for hardworking people and accused the current General Secretary of Congress of plotting against him. Reiterating his stand from his Thursday night’s Tweet, he said that he would not leave the party, but he won’t even campaign for the upcoming elections. He also warned the party’s high commission that he may leave if the situation does not get better.

‘Party has no cognisance or value’ 

Sanjay Nirupam claimed that the Congress party does not deserve him.

He in a press briefing said that “I am a very grounded person who likes to work for people, and I have been continuing to do so. I like fighting for people and their rights. But the party has no cognisance or value for this. Perhaps, I feel that the hard-working people in Congress like myself have no place in the Congress party anymore. If you ask me about my next step, I feel that I should not leave the party. However, it the situation keeps on getting worse, I don’t think I will be able to stay in the party.” 

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‘Anti-party activities have increased’ 

Accusing the General Secretary of the Congress party, Nirupam said, “I think you should have the courtesy to take a senior member’s opinion, but the General Secretary incharge of the party does not care. In fact, I would like to accuse him by saying that the anti-party activities have increased since the time he took the post of a secretary. The campaign against me has been running for a long time, but the party was still very understanding. After the new General Secretary took the office, he has been working on systematically phasing me out of the party for five months. I was denied the seat in the Lok Sabha polls, and I accepted it as a party’s decision. But my being quiet has not helped the situation, rather it has become worse.” 

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‘Not involved in the selection process’ 

Expressing his dismay over the ignorance from Congress party, Sanjay Nirupan said, “I have been the Congress president for four years in Mumbai. As much as I know Mumbai, I feel, no one else in the Congress party would be having the same understanding of this place. I can predict and tell you about all the good seats and candidates in this city. However, I was not involved in the whole process of selecting candidates and taking core decisions. I was just asked once to come inside a Parliamentary meeting and speak as per my own will, in front of a very big crowd. These things cannot be discussed in crowds, it should have a proper mechanism. I was also called at the meeting of the screening committee and asked to give a very generalised opinion on things. I just recommended one name back then.” 

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