Here's Dr Subramanian Swamy's Pre-condition For Mediation's Success After Supreme Court Appoints 3-member Panel To Mediate Ayodhya Case

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

In a massive breakthrough in the Ayodhya land dispute case, the five-judge Supreme Court bench headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi on Friday appointed a three-member panel for court-monitored mediation in the title dispute case. BJP MP Dr Subramaninan Swamy opined on the crucial breakthrough in the Ayodhya case suggesting the only compromise in the mediation -  Muslim community to build the Mosque outside the Ram Janmabhoomi. 

"I know that the mediation can only succeed if the Muslim bodies Sunni Waqf board agrees to build the Masjid outside the Ram Janmabhoomi and the Ram Janmabhoomi is given for the Ram Temple. All the expenses to build the Masjid will be provided by the government. That's the only compromise possible because we have already said that Ram was born there, whereas Masjid can be built anywhere. Therefore the compromise has to be that Masjid can be built on some other place, but not where according to faith was born. We cannot build the Ram Laala Mandir anywhere else from where he was born," Dr Swamy said while speaking to Republic TV. 

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Pronouncing the verdict in the order on court-monitored mediation that it had reserved at the end of its hearing on Wednesday, the Supreme Court stated that 3-member panel will be under the chairmanship of retired Supreme Court justice Fakkir Kalifulla and will also comprise Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sri Ram Panchu. Furthermore, the mediation will take place in Uttar Pradesh's Faizabad.

The newly-appointed panel has been mandated to complete its mediation in eight weeks - by which time the Supreme Court documents pertaining to the case will have been translated and put in order with the consent of all the concerned parties. A progress report will have to be submitted to the apex court in four weeks. Also, no media coverage of the mediation will be allowed. 

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Earlier on Friday, on being questioned on the developments in the Ayodhya case, he had said that as a result of the parameters he had mentioned - i.e. the government having nationalised the land, "Only my prayer would survive which is that I have a fundamental right to pray there", and consequently, concluded "So Ram Mandir being constructed is certain, it's only a matter of time."