Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Election Commission (EC) To Announce Poll Dates At 5 Pm Today, State Assembly Elections Also Likely To Be Announced. LIVE Updates


The poll body was in the final stages of completing its logistical preparations for holding elections.

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The poll body was in the final stages of completing its logistical preparations for holding elections.
Update at 6:19 PM
7 months ago

BJP president Amit Shah in a series of tweets welcoming the declaration of election for the 17th Lok Sabha and emphasised on the achievements of the NDA government under the "visionary leadership" of PM Narendra Modi . 

He spoke of the various initiatives such as: an Dhan, Ujjwala, Mudra Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Awaas Yojana and more that "ensured a life of dignity for millions of Indians"

He further said how India's "security and strategic interests have received a strong impetus."


Update at 6:05 PM
7 months ago

Prime Minister Modi in a tweet praised the Election Commission for 'assiduously organising elections for several years

Taking a jibe at the Opposition, he further tweeted: In 2014, the people comprehensively rejected the UPA. There was unprecedented anger over the UPA’s corruption, nepotism and policy paralysis. India’s self-confidence was at an all-time low and the people of India wanted to rid the nation of such decay and pessimism.

He further extended best wishes to the political parties and candidates contesting for the Lok Sabha 2019 elections

In a series of tweets, PM Modi said, "2019 polls are about a spirit of confidence and positivity with which India is fulfilling the aspirations of its people" and listed the achievements of the country


Update at 6:01 PM
7 months ago

Notification for assembly polls will be issued separately: CEC Sunil Arora.

Update at 5:57 PM
7 months ago

1 phase elections: 

  • Andhra pradesh - 25
  • Arunachal- 2
  • Assam - 5
  • Bihar - 4
  • Chattisgarh - 1
  • Jammu Kashmir- 2
  • Maharashtra- 7
  • Manipur 1
  • Meghalaya- 2
  • Mizoram 1
  • Nagaland 1
  • Orissa - 4
  • Sikkim - 1
  • Telangana -17
  • Tripura 1
  • Uttar Pradesh- 8 
  • West Bengal - 2
  • Andaman Nicobar- 1

2 phase elections: 

  • Asaam-5
  • Bihar-5
  • Chattisgarh- 3
  • Jammu and Kashmir - 2
  • Karnataka- 14
  • Maharashtra-10
  • Manipur- 1
  • Orissa- 5
  • Tamil Nadu - 39
  • Tripura-1
  • Uttar Pradesh - 8
  • West Bengal -3
  • Puducherry - 1

3 phase elections: 

  • Assam -4
  • Bihar -5
  • Chattisgarh  - 7
  • Gujarat- 26
  • Goa - 2
  • Jammu and Kashmir - 1
  • Karnataka - 14
  • Kerala -20
  • Maharashtra 14
  • Orissa - 6
  • Uttar Pradesh- 10 
  • West Bengal - 5
  • Dadar and Nagar Haveli - 1
  • Daman and Diu - 1

4 phase elections:

  • Bihar - 5
  • Jammu and Kashmir - 1
  • Jharkhand - 3
  • Madhya pradesh - 6
  • Maharashtra- 17
  • Orissa-6
  • Rajasthan- 13
  • Uttar Pradesh - 13
  • West Bengal - 8

5 phase elections: 

  • Bihar- 5
  • Jammu and Kashmir-2
  • Jharkhand-4
  • Madhya Pradeeh- 7
  • Rajasthan- 12
  • Uttar Pradesh- 14
  • West Bengal- 7
Update at 5:35 PM
7 months ago

Last date of nomination:  March 25

Scrutiny of nomination: March 26

Date of the poll - April 11
Date of counting: May 23


  • Phase 1 voting: April 11
  • Phase 2 voting: April 18
  • Phase 3 voting: April 23
  • Phase 4 voting: April 29
  • Phase 5 voting: May 6
  • Phase 6 voting: May 12
  • Phase 7 voting: May 19


  • Phase 1 - 91 constituency in 20 states
  • Phase 2 - 97 constituency in 13 states
  • Phase 3 - 115 constituency in 14 states
  • Phase 4 - 71 constituency in 9 states
  • Phase 5 - 51 constituency in 7 states
  • Phase 6 - 59 constituency in 7 states
  • Phase 7 - 59 constituency in 8 states
Update at 5:15 PM
7 months ago

The Election Commission of India announced:

  • Model Code of Conduct comes into force from today
  • Drinking water, shed, toilets will be provided at every polling station. 
  • VVPAT machines to be used in all polling booths
  • 10 lakh polling stations this time
  • Total electorate - 900 million compared to 814.5 in 2014.
  • 15 million voters are in the 18-19 age group
  • Voter slip won't be accepted as proof of identity, 11 other options available.
  • Voting slip to be given 5 days before the voting day in constituencies
  • Experienced personnel will be deployed at sensitive areas
  • Patrolling and route marches will be organised to enthuse voters
  • Cannot use loudspeaker from 10 PM
  • Adequate deployment of security forces has been arranged. Can't give numbers and more information on this since information sensitive
  • Android app to help voters record poll violations and send it to EC
  • All critical events shall be video graphed

Social media 

  • Candidates asked to declare details of social media accounts.
  • All candidates will have to declare expenditure on promotions on social media
  • YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google assure EC on compliance with ECI norms
Update at 5:08 PM
7 months ago

Election Commission of India: 

"The 5-year term of 16th Lok Sabha is due to expire on June 3. Taking into account the provisions, the ECI has attempted a comprehensive programme. The scale and complexity of conducting elections have grown over time. We started with organising a series of meetings with state CEOS." 

"Several rounds of meetings were held with Ministry of Home Affairs. Also had deliberations with various other departments..specially Railways. We visited several states and UTs to look into the poll preparedness. We aim to conduct free and fair elections"



Update at 5:03 PM
7 months ago

Sunil Arora along with other commissioners and Deputy Commissioner address a press brief, likely to announce a date for General Elections 2019

Update at 4:45 PM 
7 months ago

The Congress on Sunday took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hours before the EC's scheduled announcement of dates for the Lok Sabha polls, saying it was the first day of his "vidai parv" (farewell festival).

"It's the first day of Vidai Parv of Modi ji. Voters are ready," said AICC spokesperson Pawan Khera. The Election Commission (EC) is set to announce the schedule for the high-voltage Lok Sabha elections, which is likely to be spread over seven to eight phases in April-May.

Update at 4:42 PM
7 months ago

Election Commission chief and officials leave from the office of ECI in Delhi


Update at 3:40 PM
7 months ago

The chief minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh has lauded the Election Commission for their decision of advising political parties to abstain itself from using defence personnel pictures in 'election propaganda' 

He tweeted: 



Update at 3:33 PM
7 months ago

In Punjab, a Congress internal meet is underway right now to decide the candidate for Lok Sabha elections.

Simultaneously, BJP will be meeting Akali Dal to discuss seat-sharing in the state. 

Update at 3:08 PM
7 months ago

Election Commission will be briefing on Jammu and Kashmir polls at 6:45 PM

According to sources, the dates for Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly polls might be announced. Currently the state is under Presidential rule

Update at 2:42 PM
7 months ago

According to sources, Congress and JD(S) talks are underway for seat-sharing in Karnataka. 

Update at 1:55 PM
7 months ago

Aam Aadmi Party leader, Sanjay Singh has slammed the Election Commission in a tweet saying, "Does the election Commission operate from the BJP office?"


Update at 1:45 PM
7 months ago

The Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct is to regulate political parties and political candidates before the elections. The rules apply to issues relating speeches, polling day, booth, the content of election manifestos and a general code. This code of conduct stays in force from the date of announcement to the day of result.

MCC disallows political parties either in Opposition or Centre to use their official power positions to the campaign, hence no policy or scheme can be announced to impact the voting behavior. The EC has released a complete document listing the MCC which can be accessed here, meanwhile here are the few rules that political parties need to adhere to:  

  • All posters and banners of political parties have to be removed within 24 hrs.
  • All posters and banners of government schemes featuring the PM, CM, and Ministers or other leaders have to be removed. 
  • Wall paintings of similar nature have to be painted over
  • SSTs have to be deployed at their checkpoints and FSTs have to move around their area and respond to complaints.
  • The party in power cannot use government transport or machinery for campaigning.
  • No party or candidate can indulge in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic.
  • Criticism of other political parties, when made, should be confined to their policies and programme, past record and work.
  • There can be no appeal to caste or communal feelings for securing votes.
7 months ago

The Election Commission is all set to announce the schedule for the high-voltage Lok Sabha elections at 5 pm on Sunday at Vigyan Bhavan, plenary hall, which is likely to be spread over 7-8 phases in April-May. The term of the present Lok Sabha ends on June 3. 

The poll body was in the final stages of completing its logistical preparations for holding elections. According to news PTI, the Election Commission will announce the poll schedule at 5 pm on Sunday.

Earlier, a senior Election Commission functionary told PTI that poll body is prepared to announce the dates and it could happen over the weekend or at most by Tuesday. It said the first phase polling will probably take place in early April and notification for the same will be issued by the end of March.

The Election Commission is also likely to hold assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh along with the Lok Sabha polls. Also, it is likely to that assembly election in Jammu and Kashmir will be held simultaneously. The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly was dissolved on November 21 last year and the Election Commission is bound to hold fresh polls there as well within a six-month period.

In 2014, the Election Commission had announced the elections scheduled on March 5. The nine-phase exercise was held between April 7 and May 12. The counting was held on May 16.

In 2009, the poll body had announced scheduled on March 2. The five-phase polls began on April 16 and ended on May 13. In 2004, the EC had Commission had announced four-phase elections between April 20 and May 10. The schedule was announced on February 29.

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