MUST WATCH: "I'm Telling You, I'm Mediating...", Says Dr Subramanian Swamy Suggesting His Compromise Solution For Ayodhya Case After Supreme Court Reserves Order On Court-monitored Mediation

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

BJP MP Dr Subramanian Swamy has spoken exclusively to Republic TV on the events in the Supreme Court on Wednesday when the 5-Judge Constitution bench reserved its order on whether or not court-monitored mediation is required in the Ayodhya dispute case.

Having stated during the hearing that the mediation, if any, would be bound by certain parameters that are unchangeable, Dr Swamy made it clear outside the court that he believes that mediation would be a futile process.

When speaking to Republic TV's Legal Editor Rhythm Anand Bhardwaj, he summed up his views in four points:

1. "There is no possibility that any court order can make the government part with the land. Government has complete discretion on whom to give."

2 "Former PM Narasimha Rao has made a commitment that if there was a pre-existing Temple, he'd give land to the Hindus. That commitment has to be kept." 

3. "Masjid isn't an essential part of Islam, it can be shifted, so shift it." (to the Muslim parties)

4. (When asked about 'mediation', he offered to the Muslim parties that land for building a Masjid would be made available, just that they should vacate the Ram Janmabhoomi site) "I suggest a compromise: ask the Muslims parties to go and build their Mandir there. I'm telling you I'm mediating, 'I'll give you the land. Go and build it there'.

"We are sitting together and immediately proposing that there's land you can build the Masjid, clear this Ram Janmabhoomi"

Dr Swamy had tweeted before the hearing the lines along which he would argue:

 After the hearing, he tweeted the following:

In the lead up to the Supreme Court's hearing, Dr Swamy has repeatedly implored the government to immediately handover the land to the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas for the Ram Mandir to be built, holding that the Ayodhya case is only a title dispute.

However, during the Wednesday hearing, Justice Bobde who is on the 5-Judge Bench said "It’s not only about the land. It’s about mind, hearts and whether any healing is possible".