National Approval Ratings: People's Satisfaction With Rahul Gandhi Plummets From An Already Low Base Post Budget, CVoter Survey Shows


It seems Rahul Gandhi's campaign is not satisfying the people of the country, if the figures from February 1 to March 7 are anything to go by

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Republic TV, in association with CVoter, has come up with another edition of the National Approval Ratings, though, this time around, the mood of the nation when it comes to the satisfaction about Congress President Rahul Gandhi - PM candidate of Congress - is being examined.

It is no strange fact that the Gandhi scion is Congress' face for the post of PM against BJP. But it seems his campaign is not satisfying the people of the country, if the figures from February 1 to March 7 are anything to go by.

Initially, at the start of the survey, 28.9 percent of the 4506 people as part of the sample were very much satisfied with the performance of the Congress President. A further 24.5 percent expressed they were somewhat satisfied with Rahul Gandhi. But a major chunk - 35.1 percent - of people were disappointed with his working while 11.5 percent couldn't decide.

  • Very satisfied: 28.9%              
  • Satisfied to some extent:  24.5%            
  • Not at all satisfied: 35.1%        
  • Can't say: 11.5%     
  • Net satisfaction: 18.3%

Though, with each and every passing day, it seems people are getting more and more disappointed with the Congress president.

When the survey was taken on March 7 with a sample size of 5079 people, only 23.2 percent of the people were very satsified with his performance, a drastic fall from the initial survey, while those who were satisfied to some extent had gone up by 0.6 percent.

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There was almost direct transfer of votes from very satisfied to not satisfied at all. Initially, 35.1 percent of the sample size felt they weren't satisfied with the Congress president, but it had gone upto 40.1 percent. The pecentage of people who couldn't decide did not show any swing.

  • Very satisfied: 23.2%            
  • Satisfied to some extent: 25.1%             
  • Not at all satisfied: 40.1%        
  • Can't say: 11.5%     
  • Net satisfaction: 8.2%

If the figures are analysed, people seem to have lost faith in the Congress president post the IAF airstrike in Balakot. Till the day of the attack in Pakistan, net satisfaction of Rahul Gandhi among people was 11.7 pecent. But after the attack, it has dwindled by 3.5 percent in the space of nine days.

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