National Approval Ratings: Unemployment & National Security People's Biggest Concerns; NDA Best Suited To Handle Them, Reveals CVoter Survey. Details Here


In the race up to the Parliamentary elections 2019, the political landscape has witnessed significant transition substantially and so has the country in terms of the different issues that the country faces today. 

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In the race up to the Parliamentary elections 2019, the political landscape has witnessed significant transition substantially and so has the country in terms of the different issues that the country faces today. 

Right from the interim budget till date, the country has been fluctuating and facing problems such as corruption, unemployment, poverty, soaring prices, domestic issues like electricity, road, water and terror and national security, according to the CVoter National Approval Ratings. 

Let's dissect each issue and delve deeper into each aspect, according to the survey conducted by CVoter: 

  • Corruption

Since the Budget 2019 presented by the government there has been an overall decline in the percentage of corruption from 10.5% on the day of the budget to 8.6% on March 7. 

March 2 stands lowest at 7.7% as far as corruption is concerned. It was also observed that since the Indian Air Force conducted counter-terror air-strikes on Pakistan, the corruption has maintained an average of 8.5% at its lowest.

  • Unemployment

There has been a rollercoaster ride when it comes to unemployment issues, standing at 26.5% during the budget to 21.8% till March 7.

However, there has been a massive fluctuation in the numbers, with the unemployment rate highest in mid-February going as high as 32.7%

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  • Poverty/family income

Poverty has gloomed over the country as the darkest shadow and stood at 9.9% on the day of the 2019 interim Budget. However, it can be noted that according to the National Approval Ratings, the poverty level has seen a noticeable decline to 6.8% on March 6 and stood at its lowest at 6.1% on February 25 and 26.

Between the Budget 2019 and March 7, the poverty rates stooped the lowest on February 2,3 and 4. 

  • Rising prices

Higher unemployment rates and soaring prices have been a cause for poverty in the nation. Ever since the Budget 2019, there has been a gradual, yet consistent decline. 

From 6.4% on the day of Budget 2019, to 3.9& on March 7, India has managed to have a grip on the soaring prices with the numbers crawling downwards.

  • Electricity/water/road

The domestic issues of electricity, water, road and more has prevented India from having a higher standard of living.

This sector too has seen a significant decline from 6% on the day the government presented the interim Budget to 4.1% on March 7.   

  • National security

In the wake of Pulwama, India has seen a massive growth in terror attacks that stood at a mere 3% on the interim Budget day presented by the government on January 2, which rose up to a massive 25.9% on March 7. 

  • Other issues

Along with this wide spectrum, there are other issues that has held India back, these issues stood at 28.8% on January 2 but have seen an impressive fall to 20.5% on March 7.  There has been a consistent fall of the other issues that India faces. 

In a report card of three months, India has seen an improvement when it comes to unemployment, poverty, rising problems and other issues. However, at the moment national security seems to be the highlight of the country's issues that has only risen, despite the IAF airstrikes conducted on Jaish-e-Mohammed camps in Pakistan.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, Republic TV and CVoter conducted a survey to decipher the political party that is best fit to deal with the above national issues. Here are the predictions: 

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BJP-led NDA alliance has shown a consistent growth ever since the Budget 2019 up until March 7 in terms of their capability in dealing with the situation. There has been an upward climb from February 26, the day IAF conducted counter-terrorism air-strikes with the highest being 44.6% on March 6. 


The Congress-led UPA according to CVoter survey has performed very poorly in comparison to NDA and has seen a dip in their abilities to handle the situation. In a graph opposite to the NDA, from 21.7% on Budget 2019 day to 16.3% on March 7, the UPA performance has declined. 


While, when it comes to Others, the graph has been in single digit and stands nowhere close to NDA and UPA. Standing at 6.7% on the day of the interim budget, the Others stooped down to 4.3% on March 6, with a slight rise to 5% on March 7. 


Although pessimistic, the possibility that none of these parties is capable of handling the issues of India has been considerably higher.

However, on a positive note, this scope saw a downfall from 40.7% on the interim Budget 2019 day to 34.6% on March 7.

Following this graph, it can be noticed that BJP led NDA government is the fittest amongst the parties surveyed by CVoter. In a positive light, NDA ability to handle these issues was higher than UPA and Others, and it managed to surpass the 'none' as well. 

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