North East Elections 2018: Here Are Arnab's 5 Reasons Why Today's Results Will Be Epic

Written By Veda Ramaswamy | Mumbai | Published:


  • Here are Arnab's 5 reasons why today's North East Elections 2018 results will be epic!

1. If the BJP even comes close in Tripura, it will be the complete collapse of the Left nationally.

2. If the BJP wins Tripura, it will end 40 years of dominance of the Left in the North Eastern state. Should the Left be toppled in Tripura, it will also end a 25-year-run of consistently winning the state.

3. It's a test of Rahul Gandhi's political skills and ability/inability to stitch alliances. Considering the fact that Rahul Gandhi's party has held Meghalaya for the last 15 years, and may be toppled by BJP and NPP.

4. If the Congress collapses, it will be like falling off a cliff because the party had gone to all-time highs in 2013 in Meghalaya.

5. The incredible situation in Nagaland is one in which the BJP is both in government and is also the opposition party. A litmus test of Amit Shah's electoral strategy.

Counting in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura begins at 8:00 am. Keep up with the quickest trends and most relevant analysis on Republic World's LIVE blog and on Republic TV here

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