SURGICAL PRECISION: Smriti Irani Exposes Rahul Gandhi 'lie' On Amethi Ordnance Factory; Chides Him, 'Mistakes Happens...'

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

"You lie, therefore, you tend to make such mistakes Rahul Ji", tweeted Union Textile Minister Smriti while pointing not just one but two lies spoken by Rahul Gandhi. The statement from BJP minister comes a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Rahul Gandhi's constituency Amethi in Uttar Pradesh to launch a manufacturing unit for AK-203 rifles and the Congress president posted a tweet accused him of "lying" about the inauguration of ordnance unit claiming he had himself laid the foundation stone of the factory in 2010.

"I laid the foundation stone of the ordnance factory in Amethi in 2010. For many years it has produced small arms. Yesterday you went to Amethi and as is your habit, you lied again. Have you no shame," the Congress president tweeted in Hindi this morning.

Shortly afterwards came a retort from  Smriti Irani where she accused Rahul Gandhi of lying and backed her statement by providing picture evidence that has clearly put Rahul Gandhi in a tight spot. 

Lie 1:

"You are so afraid of development in Amethi that you didn't bother to see that yesterday a joint venture was launched at Korva. This is a joint venture between India and Russia to produce AK 203 rifles". 

Lie 2:

She again took to Twitter and wrote, "Have a closer look at this image, you inaugurated the project in 2007 but you claimed to have inaugurated it in 2010. Now you clarify whether it is 2007 or 2010? You lie, therefore, you tend to make such mistakes Rahul Ji. You don't even remember when you laid the foundation stone and when you ruined the constituency".

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Earlier on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi's 'Lie' statement came after PM Modi accused Gandhi of ignoring the ordnance factory in Amethi, and had a dig at him, saying the rifles manufactured at the unit will be known as "Made in Amethi."

On Sunday, in Amethi, PM Modi said:

"Some people go around giving speeches of 'made in Ujjain', 'made in Jaipur', 'made in Jaisalmer'... This is Modi. Now 'Made in Amethi' will be AK-203 rifles. It will help our jawans."