Uddhav Admits Last-minute Phone Call To Congress To Form 'stable Govt'


Uddhav Thackeray said that he had made contact with the Indian National Congress for the first time on Monday and had initiated talks of a 'new beginning'

Written By Jitesh Vachhatani | Mumbai | Updated On:

On an eventful Tuesday which witnessed the imposition of President's rule in Maharashtra and Shiv Sena's plea against it in the Supreme Court, Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray held a press briefing in which he stated that he had made contact with the Indian National Congress for the first time on Monday and had initiated talks of a 'new beginning.' The Sena stated that BJP and Shiv Sena have common ideologies but the NCP and Congress do not share the same ideologies with the party and hence, they would hold a discussion about the same in the '6 months time' given to them by the Governor. Earlier, senior Congress leaders and senior NCP delegation held a joint meeting in Mumbai on Tuesday after the imposition of President's rule in Maharashtra.

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'Can we come together?'

Shiv Sena chief, Uddhav Thackeray while briefing the media on Tuesday said, "In this extension of 6 months that we have been provided with, we will sit together and hold discussions on the Common Minumum Programme and take it ahead. The question is, like BJP and Sena share similar ideologies, how will NCP, Congress and Sena, parties that have different ideologies, come together? This is why we needed 48 hours instead, we have now got an extension of 6 months. I contacted the Congress yesterday for the first time and we did not put forth any proposition. I just told that if we want to make a new start, can we come together? And that is why both of them have come together today and they also announced in the press conference that there is scope for all parties to come together."

The Shiv Sena chief's admission that he had reached out to the Congress without a proposal came just minutes after the Congress-NCP made the very same revelation, exposing that the Shiv Sena had attempted to form a 'stable government' in Mumbai without holding any form of detailed deliberation. 

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Thackeray also took a dig at Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, who had earlier on Tuesday recommended the Union Government of imposing President's rule in Maharashtra. The Sena chief, in a sarcastic tone, said, "We have not filed any plea against the President's rule in Maharashtra because we believe that the Governor has been very considerate and thoughtful of us as he provided us with an extension of 6 months instead of the 48 hours that we asked for. If every state gets a 'considerate' Governor like this, the state will surely progress." 

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Action Shifts To Delhi

Soon after the implementation of the President's rule in Maharashtra, sources informed that Shiv Sena's plea will not be considered for urgent hearing. Informing about the request, vacation officer said that there is no urgency in the case. Sources also said that the case can be heard on Wednesday at 10:30 AM. Sena in their petition has urged for an urgent hearing, sighting that it will become infructuous, if not heard urgently. Shiv Sena, opposing the Governor's move, has said in the petition: "The governor erred in rejecting the request for extension of time and that in the exercise of his powers, the most that the governor could have done was ordered a floor test." Shiv Sena also says that the governor overstepped his powers in stating in his report to the centre that no party was in a position to form a stable government.

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