UNFORGIVING: "Should Have Gone In, Hunted Terrorists Down And Avenged The Victims", Rumbles PM Modi Remembering Past Terrorist Attacks

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

PM Modi made perhaps his most fiery speech in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack and ensuing retribution by India, while speaking in Ahmedabad on Monday.

In just over twelve minutes, he fired an unsparing warning to terrorists and their backers who had over the years perpetrated attacks on India and innocent Indians.

Returning to the site of the 2008 Ahmedabad bombings in which over 50 people were killed and almost 200 injured, he said that those responsible should have been tracked down wherever they went to hide and revenge should have been exacted upon them:

"Remember what had happened at this Civil Hospital. A hospital gives people life. And those devils set off bombs and caused death and destruction."

"If at that time the government had the guts, they would gone there and avenged those who had died."

He also made a similar reference to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks that took place just a short while later, lamenting with anger that the attack took place and yet, in a few days,  in a few days we resumed normal service. 

Watch what the Prime Minister said in the video above.