WATCH: 'He Bowed Before China & Gave Doklam To Them', Claims Rahul Gandhi Targeting PM Modi Over 2017 Indo-China Border Standoff Minutes After 'Masood Azhar Ji' Comment

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

Minutes after referring to JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammad) terror organisation chief as 'Masood Azhar Ji', Congress president Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Modi over the Doklam issue, while addressing a rally in Delhi on Monday.

In his address, Rahul Gandhi said that when the Chinese Prime Minister came to India, he gave a clear message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he can come to India and can send Chinese Army to Doklam. Addressing a booth workers meeting in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi alleged that when the Doklam issue was on, PM Modi went to China and held meeting without any agenda. 

"You won't even see people from SPG (Special Protection Group) there. Only the Prime Minister of India was enjoying on swings. Press was clicking photographs, zooming in and on the other side, Chinese army was entering Doklam. He finished his tea and China's President gave him a message. What was the message? The message was that I have understood you. You are a weak human and you are afraid. I can enter India and I can come into Doklam send my army in Doklam and you won't be able to do anthing . But the case doesn't end there. You read the newspaper. After that Narendra Modi visits China. He goes to China and holds meeting without any  agenda . Narendra modi ji went to China. He bowed his head and folded his hands in front of China and said you keep Doklam, won't tell anybody in India. I will handle things, you keep Doklam, won't tell anybody in India. I will handle the press. End of talks. This is the reality of Narendra Modi ji ," he said while addressing the gathering.

Doklam issue caters to a military standoff that occurred between China and India in June 2017 after China attempted to extend a road on the Doklam plateau southwards near the Doka La pass and Indian troops moved in to prevent the Chinese. India claimed to have acted on behalf of Bhutan, with which it has a 'special relationship'. Later Bhutan also formally objected to China's road construction in the disputed area.

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In another controversial statement, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government over the release of Masood Azhar in exchange for the safe return of the passengers of hijacked plane IC-814 in 1999.

In his address, Congress president honoured and paid respect to Masood Azhar, by referring to the terrorist leader as 'Masood Azhar Ji' in a rally.

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