WATCH: 'Modi Doesn't Come From A Special Family, He Simply Wants To Serve The People,' Says BJP Spokesperson Nalin Kohli On The PM Modi Interview

Written By Chetna Kapoor | Mumbai | Published:

With the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections 2019 scheduled to kick off on April 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his first election interview on Friday to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.

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Talking about various issues including national security, elections and terrorism, Modi touched upon a number of matters that may have a big bearing on what happens once voters begin heading to the polling booths on April 11.

Reacting on the same, Nalin Kohli, BJP spokesperson and Supreme Court advocate, said: "I find it funny. It is not Modi Vs janata because it is the janata who is giving Prime Minister Modi the votes. He's there because he's getting it. The approach has changed. He is a man from among the masses, who doesn't come from a special family. He's come his way up and is working schemes up people-centric, talks about infrastructure, health, absconders, health, black money, youth, education, jobs, etc He is talking on the confidence of the clarity of his leadership. The clarity of the agenda of the governance which he says is the motive of serving the people. It's not an entitlement, I am doing it for the people, I am serving the people because the people have given me the opportunity to do so. So, it's the confidence."

He further said, "On the other side, there is an alliance which is not alliance. It is coming together in a mortally manner without clarity who the leader is, what the agenda is. Let me put it bluntly, where is their office? Where do they meet?"