WATCH: TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee's 'Sanskrit Mantras' Challenge To PM Modi Amit Shah

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee has challenged PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah for a competition on "Puja Mantras" 23 days before the first phase of 2019 Lok Sabha election. Challenging "Amit Babu and Modi Babu", Mamata Banerjee while addressing a gathering said: "Puja does not only mean sporting a tilak".

"Koi koi Delhi se aakar kehta hai ke idhaar mai Durga Puja nahi hota hai. Kya yeh saach hai ke Durga Puja idhar nahi hota hai? Kitna hota hai? Ghar Ghar mai Lakshmi Puja hota hai ke nahi hota hai? Navratri hota ki nahi hota hai? Chhat Puja hota ki nahi hota? Toh yeh loog kaun hai? Ganpati Puja hota ke nahi hota?

(Some people from Delhi say that We don't celebrate Durga Puja here. Is it true that we do not celebrate Durga Puja here? Do we? Don't we have Laxmi Puja in every household? Don't we celebrate Navratri? Don't we have chaat puja and Ganesh Puja? So who are these people?)

She then went on to attack the Modi government on Ayodhya matter and said:

"Benaras mai kitna development hua mai puchna chaunge. Ganga sagar mai kitna development hua dekha. Mandir aan gaya. Kitna sundar bana. Inse Ram Mandir nahi bana. Aap ek bhi nahi kar paya. Bengal ko unkle dekhata hai".

(I want to ask about the development of Benaras. Did you see the development in Ganga Sagar here? We have even constructed a beautiful temple here. But they could not even construct Ram Mandir. And they raise questions on the development of Bengal.) 

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Hammering the Modi Government, Mamata Banerjee called for a challenge on 'Puja Mantras'.

"Kehthe hai Mamata Didi Puja nahi hone deti. Tum log Puja karta hai? Khali tilak karne se puja nahi hote. Puja ka mantra ka competition ho toh Modi babu and Amit babu aajo. Kiske andaar kitna sanskrit Mantra hai dekhate hai". 

(They say that Mamata did never perform Puja. Do you? Puja does not only mean sporting a tilak, Amit babu and Modi babu come have a competition of mantras with me. Let's see who knows more Sanskrit mantras.)