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ACCESSED: Investigation Details Of Jaish-e-Mohammed Module Busted By Uttar Pradesh ATS. Read Here

Written By Shawan Sen | Mumbai | Published:


  • The Uttar Pradesh ATS had arrested two Jaish terrorists on Friday
  • They had been suspected to be recruiters for Jaish-e-Mohammed
  • Republic TV has accessed investigation details​​​​​​​ in the case

UPDATE:  J&K police will be sending a team to Lucknow to interrogate the two Jaish terrorists arrested by UP ATS

The Uttar Pradesh ATS had arrested two Jaish terrorists on Friday. They had been suspected to be recruiters for Jaish-e-Mohammed.  Republic TV has accessed investigation details in the case.


Terrorist Shahnawaz 

  • 31-year-old Shahnawaz is a college dropout. He was undergoing a computer course which he left midway. He has told UP ATS that after dropping out of college he became a Moulvi. 
  • Shahnawaz claim that he came in contact with Jaish terrorists in the valley before 2017. He claims that the terrorists had come to his village and threatened him to help them. “They scared me. Told me that I was an infidel. And it was time that he contributes to the holy war.” – Statement of Shahnawaz to UP ATS.
  •  Over-Ground Workers in Kashmir would regularly meet him and give him instructions. He drew up a plan to radicalize and recruit youth from Uttar Pradesh.
  •  In June 2017, he left Kashmir and came to Uttar Pradesh. He came to Deoband.
  • THE COVER: A student who wanted to sit for the Deoband entrance examination. He even told the hostel authorities that he was preparing for the Deoband examination.
  •  UP ATS has found out that Shahnawaz did not even sit for the exams after coming to UP (records of 2017 and 2018 indicate he did not even apply for the exams).
  •  Shahnawaz was creating a base in Deoband. His first target were the students of Deoband. He used to befriend them and call them to his hostel room where he would distribute jihadi literature. Disturbing videos were also shown to brainwash the youth.

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Terrorist Aqib Ahmed Malik 

  • 25-year-old Aqib is a 12th pass who like Shahnawaz decided to drop from the school and take up religious education in Pulwama. His father works in an orchard in the valley. 
  • While Aqib claims that he met Shahnawaz in Deoband and did not know him from Kashmir, UP ATS top source maintains that this theory is doubtful and they are still investigating on this angle. 
  • Aqib came to Deoband in June 2018, exactly a year after Shahnawaz came to UP. They started staying in the same hostel room. 
  • Aqib was the visible face of this module. He kept in touch with the Jaish handlers and informed them about the recruitment status. 
  • They were given the target to recruit, radicalize. Thereafter, Aqib was given the task to transport the new recruits to Kashmir for training.