Accusing A Section Of Women Of 'honey-trapping', BJP MP Udit Raj Says 'men Scared Of Meeting Stranger Women In Alone'

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BJP MP Udit Raj, in an exclusive interview with Republic TV, has stated that there is a section of women who misuse the power given to them by indulging in activities like 'honey-trapping'

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The #MeToo campaign has become the platform for women to come out and reveal the harassment they have faced from men. Through social media, the women of this country have dared to speak up and revealed the horrors of their past. While many have lauded them for gathering the courage, there are some who feel otherwise.

BJP MP Udit Raj, in an exclusive interview with Republic TV, has stated that there is a section of women who indulge in activities like 'honey-trapping' and end up misusing the law. He said, 

"I haven’t questioned MeToo campaign, let me tell you first. Secondly, don’t you see hundreds of honey-trapping cases where women are involved. There are 100 cases of live-in relationships, happily living for years together. After that, differences take place, one of them goes to jail, men go to jail. I am saying there are cases of misuse also. Even in SC/ST act and dowry, I said the same thing, what I am saying."

The controversial leader also mentioned that nowadays, men are scared of meeting stranger women in public, fearing false cases against them.

"So, what happened is, men have started avoiding females, meeting them alone. It’s very rampant in political circle, bureaucracy, they don’t like to meet stranger woman, unless there’s another lady to be seated with them," he added.

Further, the MP from Delhi went onto state that women aren't perfect by mentioning their wrongdoings in a number of cases.

"What you want to say the females are the victim, they are perfect, they don’t have any flaws, aren’t women involved in honey-trapping? Those who are involved in extortion, are they worried? Those who are in live-in relationship, are they worried? Do you mean every female is correct and every male is incorrect? You are saying one woman is showing courage. There are hundreds of cases of extortion, honey-trapping and live-in relationship. How can you say every woman is perfect?"

Soon after these comments, he took to Twitter reiterating his views. On the social media website, he wrote, "I am not against #MeToo but there is problem in its misuse. Read it completely and give your views on it."

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