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Afghan Crisis: India's Time To Show Its Strong Contender For UNSC Seat, Say UN's Aakanksha

Aakanksha, who contested for the post of UN Secretary-General at the tender age of 34, said, "India wants a security council seat and this is the exact moment."

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At a time when Afghanistan is witnessing a crisis situation after the Taliban took over, UN official Arora Aakanksha highlighting the role of India in these conflicted times said that this is the time where the "world's largest democracy can show its a stronger contender of a seat at the Security Council."

Aakanksha Arora on Afghan Crisis

Speaking to Republic TV in an exclusive interview, Arora Aakanksha, who contested for the post of UN Secretary-General at the tender age of 34, said, "India wants a security council seat and this is the exact moment to show leadership. This is the time India shall show it's there for Afghanistan. India needs to act like a leader. India should ensure that there is a peacekeeping mission. This is the best month to introduce it under its leadership."

"I appreciate the step of emergency visa that is introduced by India. All that is needed is the political will and leadership to do it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known in the world for not being afraid of doing the right thing and this is the exact need of the hour," she added. 

Highlighting the probable solution to this conflicted condition in the South Asian region, Aakanksha said, "Peacekeeping is the only solution to this problem. India is in a unique position to carry out this as its one of the largest contributors of peacekeeping troops."

Throwing light on the condition prevailing in the Islamic country, Arora said, "My colleagues and ministers are not allowed to cross the airport. Officials of previous govt being targetted. Ghani's exit is not a good move. The safety of women and girls are at stake in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Girls as old as 12 are being married to Talibani soldiers as a prize for winning the war."

"Taliban's assurance isn't real. Once the spotlight is off this country, the Taliban would be back to implementing its evil plans," Arora who is currently serving as an Audit Coordinator at the UN said. 

India's time to show its strong contender for UNSC seat: Aakanksha Arora

The Taliban took over Afghanistan as they captured the country's capital Kabul on August 15. President Ashraf Ghani surrendered to the extremist group and fled the country. Taliban's infiltration came just a few days before the US forces were officially about to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan on September 11.

Terrifying visuals from war-torn Afghanistan emerged on the web as thousands of civilians flocked to the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul to leave the city. Taliban has been blocking Afghans from reaching the Kabul airport. Taliban had briefly taken over Afghanistan in 1996 up to 2001 and enforced a strict interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law.

On the occasion of Afghanistan's Independence Day on August 19, the Taliban officially declared the country as an 'Islamic Emirate'. The fundamentalist group on Thursday changed Afghanistan's name to 'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan', a term that it had coined during its reign between 1996-2001. The country had gone back to its previous name and had dropped 'Islamic Emirate' in 2001 after the Taliban was ousted by the US troops post the deadly twin towers attack.

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