Afghanistan President's Spokesperson Says 'Pak Failed As A Neighbour'

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A day after Afghanistan wrote to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) complaining about Pakistan, Republic TV spoke to Afghan prez spokesperson Sediq Seddiqi

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A day after Afghanistan wrote to United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Republic TV spoke to Afghan president's spokesperson Sediq Seddiqi, who said that the continued violations and shelling from Pakistani side had forced the Afghan administration to complain at the UN Security Council. When asked about the possible reasons as to why would Pakistan continue shelling at civilians across the border, Seddiqi said that Afghan govt has approached the Pak administration through diplomatic channels but no response was recieved. "At last we took the issue to the international forum."

When asked how Afghanistan would define Pakistan's actions as a country and as a neighbour? Sediq Sediqi, Afghan President's spokesperson said:  "Well unfortunately they have acted really badly in the past so many years. They have hosted our enemies for very long time. And they have been supporting the Taliban for a long time which is behind all those attacks in Afghanistan. And these shellings show that it is not a good neighbour unfortunately. And we do have concerns about their behaviour. So we really hope that they will change and after all these years, they have to review their policies and make sure that they become a positive player for the regional stability and regional security. This country has lots of responsibilities and obligations towards other countries security. And they must act mature and they should avoid doing these kinds of things that really hurt other countries. So we hope very much that the united nations will debate on this issue and would put pressure so that they would stop these violations."

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Afghanistan's letter to UNSC 

In a letter written to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) dated August 22, Afghanistan raised the issue of 'continued violations of its territory by military forces of Pakistan government'. The letter has been written by Adela Raz, who is the Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, to UNSC President Joanna Wronecka. In the letter, Adela Raz has exposed Pakistan and raised concerns over the violations by the country which are in the form of shelling of districts in eastern parts of Afghanistan, construction of military posts and barriers on Afghan territory and violation of Afghan air-space by Pak military aircrafts.

Afghanistan writes to UNSC, exposes Pakistan on border shelling

Afghanistan also stated that the attacks by Pakistan have resulted in the destruction of residential property and displacement of local population, which has suffered greatly as a result of the latest violations. The Afghanistan Permanent Representative to the UN, in the letter, added that there had been continuous communications and appeals made to Pakistan government, bilaterally and through other measures with respect to the violation by Pakistani military forces of the Afghan territory. Condemning the actions of Pakistan, Afghanistan government sought the UNSC to take necessary measures and actions to bring about an end to the violations.

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Afghanistan vows to eliminate safe haven to Islamic State group

Afghanistan's president on August 19 vowed to "eliminate" all safe havens of the Islamic State group as the country marked a subdued 100th Independence Day after a horrific wedding attack claimed by the local IS affiliate. More than 32,000 civilians in Afghanistan have been killed in the past decade, the United Nations said earlier this year. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani asserted that safe havens for militants are across the border in Pakistan, whose intelligence service has long been accused of supporting the Taliban. The IS affiliate's claim of the wedding attack said it was carried out by a Pakistani fighter seeking martyrdom. Last month after meeting with President Donald Trump, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan insisted he will do his best to persuade the Taliban to open negotiations with the Afghan government to resolve the war.

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