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After Congress Promises RSS-free Government Offices In Madhya Pradesh, Parties Spar Over 'RSS Is A Symbol Of Terrorism' Comment

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Madhya Pradesh Congress vice president Sundar Tiwari has called RSS the 'symbol of terror'
  • This comes after the Congress assured in its manifesto that it would ban RSS shakas at government offices and premises

In another escalation of the Congress' campaign against the RSS, the party's Madhya Pradesh vice president, Sundar Tiwari, has called RSS the 'symbol of terror', backing his party's decision to pursue a ban of RSS shakas in any government office or installation if it comes into power in the state. 

Accusing the Hindu organization of being the flag-bearer of disseminating hatred, the Congress leader gave it the tag of a "terror organisation"

He said, "RSS is such an organisation that has killed Gandhi in this country. This is such an organisation that along with rule, induces contempt. They are responsible to spread social scorn and hatred on the basis of religion."

Taking a jibe at the RSS' saffron flags, he said, "In their organisation, the flag of India has never been waved. And all of these members are a symbol of terrorism."

On November 11, the Congress party in their Madhya Pradesh election manifesto listed that RSS shakas will not be permitted to run in government buildings if the party comes back to power. 

“If Congress is voted to power in Madhya Pradesh, RSS shakas would not be allowed in government. An earlier order that allowed the government official to attend the RSS event will also be removed,” - This is mentioned on page 80, in point number 40 of Congress’ election manifesto titled as "Vachan Patra" (document of promises).

Speaking to Republic TV, Rajya Sabha BJP MP Rakesh Sinha defended against the attack by saying, "Congress party lacks vision and so it fails to understand the social and cultural organisations. They know that they are going to be defeated therefore they are attacking RSS, just to appease a particular community. If Rahul Gandhi is telling the audience in the foreign land, that RSS is akin to the Muslim Brotherhood, then his party member should follow Rahul Gandhi."

Attacking the Congress, he added, "And I find that the Madhya Pradesh Congress party is completely bankrupt they don't know the history or impact of RSS. They have been making an impact all over the country due to its cultural and social programs. But the Congress party is getting marginalised each day." 

"Indira Gandhi tried to ban RSS, Nehru did the same but RSS has expanded over the party. The Congress party belongs to a dynasty and RSS belongs to the country and common people. They are just like a fox trying to kill a lion. Congress has only one agenda, attack RSS. That is the only thing for them to sustain in politics," he further said. 

Commenting on Tiwari's accusation of RSS not using the national flag he said, "The person does not understand the importance of the national flag. Every organisation has its own culture and regime. And connecting RSS with Gandhi's murder, he's rejecting the commissions' report and judiciary's report and that is liable for a criminal offense. I think that is defamation." 

BJP's Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the CM of Madhya Pradesh, has said the following about the Congress' proposed crackdown on the RSS: "On the Congress's declaration to ban RSS, I had expressed that every patriot must go to the shakas of RSS. RSS inculcates the qualities and emotions of patriotism in the hearts of people. The shakas of RSS instil the values of patriotism, principles and honesty in people. Hence, in the Sangh sakhas, even government officials can enter and have been entering."

The CM further attacked Congress by saying, "The Congress party wants to ban RSS, but I'm unaware where the ego of the party comes from. Back in the days, Nehru has tried to bring a ban on RSS but he could not do it and had to withdraw the ban. Indira ji tried and she too had to withdraw it. So there's no question of today's Congress doing it, where do they even stand?"

He affirmed, "RSS will have sakhas in government buildings and will be attended by government officials. There would be no ban."