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After Faizabad Gets Renamed As Sri Ayodhya, Seers Demand For Meat And Liquor Ban

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Seers demand complete meat and liquor ban
  • They believe that the sale of meat and liquor is an insult to Lord Ram
  • Allahabad was renamed as Prayagraj and Faizabad district was renamed Sri Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

Days after Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath announced that Faizabad district will now be known as Ayodhya, the seers of that region have put forth a new demand, calling for prohibition of liquor and meat in the district. The demand has been put forward by the seers and saints, who are being supported by the Chief Priest of Ram Janmabhoomi, Swami Satendra Das.

The call for a ban was induced with the belief that the sale of meat and liquor is an insult to Lord Ram as it is not just one part that is now recognized as Ayodhya, but an entire district. They further implied that the sale of these items endorses evils like ‘violence and pollution’.

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However, considering the entire district is concerned, the liquor and meat shop owners fear that this move will cause their business and livelihood great harm, leading to grave inconvenience and joblessness. 

This ban has been called for on the back of the recent decisions taken by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who currently is on a spree of “revamping” Uttar Pradesh by renaming the cities of the state, that were inspired by the Mughal regime. 

“We won't let anyone erase memories of Lord Ram from our hearts and that is what we, our government at the Centre is ensuring. We have come here to assure you that no one can do injustice to Ayodhya. The aspirations of the people from Ayodhya are top priorities on our minds," Yogi had said.

In the endeavour to wash the Mughal history and preserve the remembrances of Lord Ram, Allahabad was renamed as Prayagraj on October 16, 2018. Justifying this name-changing with a Mahabharat reference, CM Adityanath had said, “People are asking as to why the name of the city was changed? What's in a name? I say why didn't your parents name you Ravan or Duryodhan?"

He further added, "The city used to be known as Prayagraj since the beginning. Around 500 years ago, the name was changed. To those who are opposing the decision, how would you feel if the name your parents gave you was to be changed?"

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Next, stating that everyone knows Ayodhya on account of Lord Ram, Yogi Adityanath reformed the name of the district in which Ayodhya lied -- Faizabad -- to "Sri Ayodhya".