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After Republic TV's Senior News Editor Shawan Sen Tracked NIrav-Neeshal Modi Down, Here's What Arnab Has To Say

Written By Anirudh Sunilkumar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Republic TV on Thursday tracked down Nirav Modi and Neeshal Modi to their exact location.
  • Speaking about the investigation, Republic TV's Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami stated that he (Nirav Modi) will soon find himself in an Indian jail

After Republic TV tracked down the two addresses of Nirav Modi, along with his and his younger brother Neeshal's phone numbers, Republic TV's Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami stated that he (Nirav Modi) will soon find himself in an Indian jail.

Speaking about the investigation,  Arnab Goswami stated that if a reporter from Republic TV can reach this extent, any investigative agency can. "Shawan Sen our senior news editor in the investigating team has done what the agencies, I am sure can do. The government sources say that agencies don't work like TV channels. But the bottom line is this: if one Republic TV reporter can, then why can't our agencies." he said.

In a WhatsApp conversation between Neeshal and Republic TV's Senior Editor Shawan Sen, the former stated that he was not in touch with his brother since the past five to six months and that he was a victim.

From the over 50 messages that were exchanged between Senior Editor Shawan Sen and Neeshal, the latter  pointed finger at a 'certain family member' for his situation. Neeshal who is a Belgian national, fled the country on the same day as his brother after the scandal came into light. 

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Republic TV also tracked down Nirav Modi's hideouts in the UK - one being located at London's fashionable and central Westminster area, on the thirteenth floor of an upscale residential building. The flat number on the thirteenth floor is No.103. The door opposite to it, 104, was found to have an 'Om' symbol on it.

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Meanwhile, Nirav Modi's second alleged hideout, which is listed on the CBI's extradition note, is said to be in a fancy luxury apartment block located next to the Tower of London. Sources say that he has been shuffling between the two addresses for the last few months.

Shawan also tracked Nirav Modi down on WhatsApp using an alias and his London number. However, on realizing he's being chased, Nirav Modi switched off his phone.


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