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'Matter of pride...' Agni V Missile Test: 'India Has Proved It Can Take On Any Challenge', Says DRDO Scientist

Agni V missile will soon be conducted with a flight test with the first user trial of intercontinental-range ballistic missile (ICBM) to strengthen Defence.


As India is all set to conduct a very significant flight test of the 5,000-km range Agni-V missile, Republic Media Network reached out to the nation's top scientist RK Gupta who explained the importance of the operation. According to the scientist, the reason why this is a significant development is that the missile is completely home-grown and no external country can put pressure on India. 

Scientist R K Gupta on flight-testing of Agni-V missile

"Agni V missile is a very significant development. The first test fired by DRDO had taken place in April 2012 and that was a defining moment because that was the time when India reached a level where its technology in terms of missiles had advanced. All the technology that has been put into Agni V is homegrown and 100% made-in-India and therefore it is fully indigenous. It is an outcome of our scientists as these are the most advanced technology in terms of the control system, navigation, and everything related to this technology is superb." said R K Gupta.

What has India achieved through Agni V development?

"India has proved that it is ready to take any challenge that comes against the country. We have a declared policy of no first use, we don't want any kind of conflict, we want peace but there are countries that have been threatening us. Even after independence, there has been a history of attacks we had to suffer. We don't want to suffer anymore, India has proved its capabilities and in a political way has said that we can retaliate if someone tries to harm us"

"Most appropriate time to have this development," said Major General (Retd) GD Bakshi

Adding to the insights provided by scientist RK Gupta, the Major General (Retd) also shared his expert opinion. 

"This is the most appropriate time when India has developed the missile. The nation has developed this on its own which is most important. We have also proved that India requires no other country to protect it, we can do it on our own," added G D Bakshi. 

"It is a matter of pride," continued R K Gupta

"Definitely, it is a matter of great pride. When we got independence, there was nothing with us, no testing, no certification, everything started from scratch in a hostile environment. There were people who held us back acting on someone else's orders. Entire technology that has gone into the making of Agni V is home-grown and this is an answer to everyone who says India has been lagging behind, no it is most we have proved that we are capable of defending ourselves," concluded scientist R K Gupta.

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