Ahmedabad: Authorities Don 'monkey' Costume To Deal With Monkey Menace At The Airport

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On Friday, in a bizarre yet amusing sight, a man at the Saradar Vallabhai Patel airport in Ahemdabad was seen dressing up in a Gorilla costume

Written By Ananya Varma | Mumbai | Updated On:

On Friday, in a bizarre yet amusing sight, a man at the Saradar Vallabhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad was seen dressing up in a Gorilla costume. The officials at the Gujarat airport have decided to dress up in a 'monkey' costume to scare away the monkeys on the premises. This unique idea was taken up by Airport Authorities of India (AAI) claiming that there was a significant monkey menace and that it hindered several operational activities of the airport.

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The man who was seen dressing up as a gorilla is the animal activity supervisor at the international airport. He said, "This costume is very effective. They get scared. When we see a monkey, we chase it away wearing this costume. Early morning, there is a higher monkey activity, and sometimes towards the evening as well. This experiment has been going on for a week now." 

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Monkey menace at airport 

As per the data shared by airport authorities, in 2019, there were at least ten flights delayed due to 15 monkeys that entered into the operational area of the airport. Officials have also shared that since the Ahmedabad airport is on the outskirts of the city and covered with a lot of greenery, several animals wander into the area. This is the primary reason why several employees and ground staff have the dedicated task of chasing away animals.

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