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Ajmer COVID Warrior Couple Succumbs To Corona; Family Seeks Help From Centre

Two sisters who lost their parents to the COVID-19 who were Corona warriors in Ajmer have now turned to the Centre in the hope to find financial support.


In an unfortunate incident, two sisters lost their parents to the COVID-19 who were Corona warriors in Rajasthan's Ajmer. The deceased couple Kartar Singh and his wife Chandrawati were Corona warriors and were working in a COVID ward as nursing staff in a government Hospital. The couple succumbed to the infection six days apart. The daughters of the deceased couple Nilima Singh and Nupur Singh only have a grandmother now as a guardian. The sisters have now turned to the Centre in the hope to find financial support for their education under the Central government's new scheme for 'COVID-19 orphaned children.'

While speaking to Republic TV the mother of the deceased and sister's grandmother said," We are very sad as both of them passed away together. We can not bear this pain. I will never be able to cope with this loss".

Sisters demands help from the Centre

"Both of my parents were COVID warriors. They use to have morning duties as they both were first grade officers and they were continuously treating COVID patients. My mother died on May 5th and my father passed away on May 11, 2021. We found this very well since our Corona warriors are no more, it is good that someone has come forward to provide us help," said Nilima Singh (daughter of the deceased couple).

"Obviously we should be helped as we are two sisters, we don't have a brother. And we would hope that the government starts supporting us as soon as possible. It will be very beneficial for us," said Nupur Singh (daughter of the deceased couple).

Neeraj, a relative of the deceased said, "Provisions for children's education, a stipend, an amount for them that should reach them. It is a good thought and I think such support should be given to the daughters. If they receive it then certainly the family will receive motivation, confidence because their parents were corona warriors. There are so many families where the children have lost their parents and they have no support this will support them and they will progress".

PM Modi launches Scheme for COVID-19 Orphaned children 

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a number of benefits to children impacted by the current COVID Pandemic. While announcing these measures the Prime Minister emphasized that children represent the future of the country and the country will do everything possible to support and protect the children so that they develop as strong citizens and have a bright future. PM Modi said that in such trying times it is our duty, as a society, to care for our children and instil hope for a bright future. All the measures will be supported under ‘PM-CARES for Children’.

  • Rs 10 lakh Fixed Deposit in the name of the child till they turn 18 years 
  • The PM-CARES Fund will also pay for the School Education for children 
  • Support for Higher Education
  • Rs 5 lakhs Health insurance for these children till the age of 18 years.

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