Alka Lamba Stands By Her Rafale Remark, Says BJP 'imposing' Religion

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Congress leader Alka Lamba on Wednesday said that she stood by her comments which had stirred a controversy.

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Congress leader Alka Lamba on Wednesday said that she stood by her comments which had stirred a controversy. She was blamed of mocking the 'Shastra Puja' performed by Rajnath Singh on the new Rafale aircraft as he made an 'Om' tilak on it and laid flowers and coconut, just before he was to take off in it for a sortie. She had tweeted asking if former Defence Minister AK Anthony or if former President late Abdul Kalam Azad performed a ceremony on receiving Rafale based on their religions, how would the BJP react. The tweet caused a storm leading the BJP members to blame Lamba of mocking Rafale. Republic TV spoke to Lamba, who recently switched parties from Aam Aadmi Party to the Congress, on her tweets.

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Congress' Alka Lamba says BJP imposing one religion on all Indians

Alka Lamba accused the BJP of imposing one religion on people. "The BJP did not answer my question that if AK Anthony or APJ Abdul Kalam were the Defence Ministers amd followerd their religious traditions to receive Rafale. Their failure to respond shows...  read the Constitution and Preamble which says India is a secular nation. But the BJP's desire to impose one religion, one langauge, one agenda is not acceptable to the Constitution," she said.

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'BJP failed to answer my question': Congress leader

She said that BJP's failure to respond to her question that if leaders of other faiths also performed rituals from their religion, how would the party in power react to it. "If AK Anthony was the Defence Minister and sprinkled holy water on the aircraft with a cross in his hand... If APJ Abdul Kalam received the Rafale as per his religious culture... We don't have any problem with Defence Minister performing Hindu rituals but have an issue with BJP not responding to the questions whether it would be okay with AK Athony or AP Abdul Kalam receiving Rafale with their religious rituals.

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Alka Lamba relentless, sticks to her stand despite earning flak

Sticking to her previous stand, the Congress leader accused the BJP of resorting to rituals to grab eyeballs. She also said that that a politician's religion must be performed at his/her personal space. "I don't have a problem with him following his religion but with their attempt to grab eyeballs. I am a Hindu but my religion is limited to my presonal space. But when I speak about India, India speaks about Sarva Dharma Sam Bhavana ( All religions/truths are equal to or harmonious with each other)," Lamba said.  

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