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'All Agencies Should Probe The Case': Here's Former DGP UP Dr Vikram Singh's Take As Republic TV's M.P Poshan Aahar Scam Newsbreak Snowballs Into Burning Controversy

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went all out to attack Congress by accused the party of a "Tughlaq road election scam" where money meant for poor, pregnant women were looted from people to "fill the bellies of netas" for political intentions.

Speaking on the issue, Dr Vikram Singh, former DGP of Uttar Pradesh informed that "I-T Department's 200 officers raided 52 locations all across India to uncovered a conspiracy of the illegitimate use of Hawala money, allegedly being used for electioneering".

"It is a matter of tremendous satisfaction that Income Tax Department, their 200 officers raided 52 locations all across India and successfully uncovered a conspiracy of the illegitimate use of Hawala money that was allegedly being used for electioneering. The I-T Department did a trevises in Bhopal, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Goa along with the state police in a very secret operation. This money, it is alleged, was syphoned off via Hawala and was being transported to various location for the purpose of inducement in the on-going election processes".

In a strong tone, Dr Singh condemned the act and demanded immediate action against those indulging in such transactions.

"If this is true then it calls for serious action under the representation of people's act as also prevention of money laundering act (120 B of the Indian Penal Code. Since there are multiple locations and the transaction is massive, it would in the fitness of things that the investigation is conducted not only by Enforcement Directorate but also by the CBI. And election commission should also be kept in the loop".

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Earlier in the day, raising Republic TV's April 10 sensational newsbreak PM Modi attacked the Congress party for diverting the funds meant for government schemes for the malnourished and pregnant women to the party funds and to its leaders. 

"A new name is added to the scams of the Congress party. With evidences, a new scam has been added to the list of Congress leaders - Tughlaq Road election scam. Congress has snatched the food from the mouths of poor children to fill the stomach of its own leaders. Congress is looting the money of the schemes which are meant for pregnant women. You are seeing how stacks of money are recovered from Congress leaders. Congress's illegal activities out in the open. There were stacks of cash raided from their houses. Earlier Karnataka was Congress their ATM, not Madhya Pradesh has also become their ATM. Congress comes to power to loot the money. Congress is only doing scams," the Prime Minister said while addressing a rally in Gujarat's Junagadh. 

PM Modi's remarks came in the light of the documents accessed by Republic TV on Tuesday that comprised dairy notings recovered from a Congress functionary. The diary carried values of funds in lakhs, against various state government departments and schemes including- PWD, excise, mining, transport, Po Aahar, energy, etc, on one side, and on another note, 'expenses', including with mentions of 'PCC' and 'DELHI-AICC'.

Some of the schemes mentioned in the diary noting also refer to schemes constituted for the poor, malnourished children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

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