Altaf Hussain: 'Situation Slipping From Bad To Worse, Pak Army Suppresses Muhajirs'

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Former Pakistani politician-turned-Pakistani fugitive Altaf Hussain said that it has become a daily routine of the Pakistani army to persecute Muhajir people

Written By Pritesh Kamath | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a shocking revelation on Republic TV, former Pakistani politician-turned-Pakistani fugitive Altaf Hussain has said that it has become a daily routine of the Pakistani army to persecute Muhajir people in Sindh province of Pakistan. “The situation is going from bad to worse because it has become the order of the day to conduct searches in different areas where Muhajirs are in majority in Sindh province of Pakistan like Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Sanghar, and Tando Jam, Tando Allahyar, there are so many urban areas in Sindh,” said Hussain.

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Army kidnaps and persecutes Muhajirs

The founder of Pakistani political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has made a serious revelation about how the Pakistani army kidnaps the relatives of MQM party workers in a bid to suppress their party. He has alleged that the people who are kidnapped never return. “This is a daily routine to conduct search in Muhajir houses and arrest the MQM followers, workers. If they couldn’t find them so they arrest their relatives, took (sic) them to unknown places and they enforcedly disappeared,” he added. 

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Hussain also revealed that he filed enough petitions in Pakistan High Court as well as Supreme Court but none of them helped including the media. He said that the Pakistani Army suppressed the claims of people whose relatives they had kidnapped. The pleas of the helpless Muhajir for searching their loved ones were never heard by any of the courts or the media. “We filed thousands of petitions in the High Court of Pakistan, all what-so-ever channels we could go, we searches (sic) hospitals to find out our loved ones, but the military personnel went to the court and said we didn’t arrest anyone from this house what-so-ever their loved ones are claiming (sic) filing the petition against army, so neither courts nor media not even the Supreme Court, the highest court of Pakistan we filed the petition.” 

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Living in exile

Altaf Hussain, who stood for the Muhajirs, is currently living in exile in the United Kingdom since 1992. He has now urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide him and his colleagues’ asylum in India or at least a financial assistance to take his case to the International Court of Justice.

Muhajir people are said to be Muslim immigrants of multi-ethnic origin and their descendants who migrated from various regions of India to Pakistan, after the formation of Pakistan as a separate nation. The term Muhajirs generally refers to those Muslim migrants from India who settled in urban Sindh in Pakistan.

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