'Baloch People Are Thrown Off Helicopters': Altaf Hussain On Pakistan's Barbarism

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In an exclusive interview with Republic, MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) founder Altaf Hussain alleged human rights violation over minorities in Pakistan

Written By Nisha Qureshi | Mumbai | Updated On:

In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network's Editor in Chief, MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) founder Altaf Hussain alleged human rights violation over the minorities in Pakistan. The leader exposed the state of Baloch people in Pakistan. The MQM founder said that Balochistan people are 'thrown from helicopters'.

'Baloch people are thrown off helicopters' 

"From 1948 to today, they (Balochistani) have been murdered mercilessly. They kidnap or arrest them, and throw them off the helicopters. Sindhis are met with the same treatment. They first try to 'purchase' people to promote their ideology and the one who refuse, they are shot dead," he said. 

Altaf Hussain also alleged his followers are harassed in Pakistan. He said that more than 25,000 of his followers and workers have been murdered and many of them remain 'missing'. 

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Altaf Hussain seeks asylum in India

Altaf Hussain, who currently resides in London, also appealed to India for financial assistance to take his case to the International Courts. In the video, Altaf Hussain has alleged that all his properties in Pakistan have been seized by the authorities and he has no means to fight his case. 

"If India today, and Prime Minister Modi, allow me to come to India and provided me asylum with my colleagues, I am ready to come to India along with my colleagues because my grandfather is buried there, my grandmother is buried there; my thousands of relatives are buried there, in India. I want to go there, to their graves. I want to pray," he said. 

Altaf Hussain is a former politician from Pakistan who formed the MQM party in 1988. He had to leave Pakistan after the Pakistan Army ordered a major crackdown on MQM. He has also been charged for murder and hate speeches. In October 2019, Hussain pleaded not guilty after being charged in an incendiary speech case. He is known for his advocacy for Muhajir (People who migrated to Pakistan during Partition) interests in Pakistan and the treatment of minorities in Pakistan.

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