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Why Amit Shah Feels 'One Nation One Election' Is What India Needs

Home Minister Amit Shah stated the time has come for the elections at all level to be conducted simultaneously

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The Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated the time has come for the elections at all levels 'One Nation One Election' to be conducted simultaneously. Shah also said people have also started realising that seperate elections are not healthy for a democratic country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised the issue in the Parliament and a debate on the same has also begun, Home Minister Shah said. 

‘Time has come for One Nation One Poll’

In a conversation with ANI, Home Minister Shah when asked about people raising concerns with repeated elections in the country said, “Precisely why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested to jointly organise elections from the level of Panchayat to Parliament. The proposal has been put before the Parliament and the Prime Minister has also made a statement. I believe the time has come when the proposal should be considered.”

Responding to how ‘One Nation One Election’ can become a reality Home Minister Shah said, “The issue has to be discussed with all the relevant stakeholders, that’s how it can be done. A debate has begun after the PM initiated on this front. People now feel successive elections are not good for democracy. They have to be conducted simultaneously.”

PM Modi bats for ‘One India One Election’

While addressing the nation on the 73rd Independence Day, PM Modi said, today India is talking about simultaneous polls which is a good thing. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the concluding session of 80th All India Presiding Officers Conference in November 2020 said, "There is one more subject which is very important which is of 'One Nation, One Election'. This isn't just an issue of deliberation but also the need of the country. Every few months, there are elections happening in some or the other states. It hampers the developmental work and all of you know about it. For this, we must think seriously and office-holders can lead deliberations on this. Only one voter list should be used for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and other elections."

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