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WATCH: Amit Shah Talks Modi Governance, Says 'aim Not To Remain In Power, But Put India First'

Amit Shah remarked that 'hard work was the hallmark of PM Modi' who understood the nuances of a good administration.

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On the completion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 20 years of political journey, Union Home Minister Amit Shah elaborated on the concept of 'Modi governance', talking about how the BJP government under his leadership functioned with one main aim- to put India first. In an interview with Sansad TV, Amit Shah remarked that 'hard work was the hallmark of PM Modi' who understood the nuances of a good administration. He also shared how PM Modi patiently listened to the suggestions of the smallest persons in the hierarchy and how this had helped the BJP usher in major policy changes such as GST, Triple Talaq, or the abrogation of Article 370. 

"Modi ji has done a good job in the organization because he understood the nuances. He has connected experts with administration and connected schemes to the people. No one ever imagined that India could do airstrikes, it was a thing America did. But India did that. In the economic sector, India has now moved from number 11 to number 5, to number 6," said Amit Shah. 

"Modi ji listens to everyone patiently only then takes decisions. He considers the suggestion of the smallest person. He is not a leader who imposes his point of view because staying in power is not the goal. One of his goals is 'India First'. His goal is to run the government for the country," he added. 

We put India first: Amit Shah 

Talking about the changes under the 7 years of PM Modi, Amit Shah said that democracy meant inclusive growth, with included every sector of the population and every region from East to West. "PM did a lot of reforms 370, CAA, many agreements in North East, reforms to crack down on Naxalism, budget, Triple Talaq etc. The agriculture budget also increased. From the banking sector to the FDI policy, to GST, reformations have happened in every sector," said Amit Shah.

"While making a policy, there is only one thought- whether it will give good results or not. We are in politics to take the country forward. Our aim is not to remain in power, our aim is to put India first. We have to help our country of 130 crores reach a position of respect in the world. He is not scared because our aim is to not hold on to political power, neither is it to let things remain stagnant. India first, that is our motive," he added.

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