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Amritsar Tragedy | "It All Happened Naturally": Dussehra Event's Organiser Mitthoo Surfaces Via Statement; Says He's Really Upset

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Saurabh Mitthoo Madan, the main organizer of the Dussehra event where the Amritsar train tragedy took place, has issued a video
  • 'We made several announcements from the stage to the people to not to stand there on the tracks', claims the organizer of Dussehra event who is in hiding currently
  • 'We got every permission for the event. I am innocent', says Mitthoo Madan, close aide of Navjot Singh Sidhu

In a major development, the absconding Navjot Singh Sidhu aide Saurabh Mitthoo Madan who organised the Dussehra event at which over 60 people were run over by a train has issued a video from wherever it is that he is hiding. In the video, released by an anonymous source, Mitthoo is pleading to the public that ‘he is innocent’, claiming that he got ‘every permission to organize the event’ and he made ‘5-10 announcements from the stage to warn people to not to stand on the tracks’.

Here’s what the organizer of the event, who is currently in hiding, said in the video:

“I am Mitthoo Madan. You all know about the train accident that took place during the Dussehra celebrations on October 19 in the Joda district. It was a really horrible and devastating incident and I am really upset about it. I will never be able to forget about the accident in my life. We conducted the event to celebrate Dussehra in the area. We got every permission for the event. We organized it in a better way by making 20 feet blockade around the Ravana effigy. A hundred Punjab police officials were there at the event, with the fire brigade and water tanks on ready. We conducted at the ground of the Dobhi Ghat within the boundary, and not at the tracks. There was a 10 feet wall also around the ground. People were standing there and the train came all of a sudden and nobody came to know what had happened. It all happened naturally. Who should we blame about the accident? There are 2-3 people who are plotting a plan against me. I request you that we made several announcements from the stage to the people to not to stand there on the tracks. I pray to you to help me. I am innocent.”

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(Mitthoo is a close aide of Navjot Singh Sidhu who is also the MLA of Amritsar East. Sidhu's wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu was the chief guest at the event)

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Republic TV had on Sunday accessed a video in which Saurabh Madan, who is also the son of a local Amritsar councillor Vijay Madan, was seen entering a car in hurry from the middle of a vacant street at 6:57 PM in the evening, minutes after the train accident took place at the Dussehra event. Later at 6:58 PM, he was seen talking to a man standing near the same car in which he fled from the tragic accident site.