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Andhra Pradesh Cong Demands 'universal Free Vaccination'; Submits Memorandum To Governor

Andhra Pradesh Congress President Dr Sake Sailajanath demanded universal free immunization for all; submitted memorandum to state Governor.

Andhra Pradesh Congress

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Andhra Pradesh Congress president Dr Sake Sailajanath and other party officials sent a memorandum to state governor Biswabhusan Harichandan on Friday, June 4, requesting universal free immunization for all. "Today we have submitted a memorandum to the state governor demanding universal free vaccination to all people of India irrespective of age, place, caste, creed, " said Sailajanath.

Andhra Pradesh Congress demands universal free vaccination

After meeting with the Governor, APCC president Sailajanath noted, "Bharat Biotech had said that they will provide vaccines at a rate less than that of a water bottle. But after consultation with PM Narendra Modi, vaccine rates are fixed at higher prices. Chief Minister Jagan should pressurise the central government and Narendra Modi. Vaccine and treatment should be provided free to all--this is the demand of Congress."

Sailajanath accused the Chief Minister of failing to take the necessary steps to ensure free immunization. He added, ''CM Jagan is saying that global tenders did not yield response. It is not enough. The state government should increase pressure on the Centre. But Jagan is not doing so. He is writing letters to other CMs but not mounting pressure on PM. Congress party demands universal vaccination for all, including children, as it is being said that the third wave will have an impact on children."

COVID-19 situation in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh added 10,413 new coronavirus cases in the 24 hours ended at 9 a.m. on Friday, continuing its downward trend.  At the same time, the infection recovery rate increased, with 15,469 more patients cured in a single day.  According to the most recent bulletin, 83 individuals in the state died of Covid-19 in less than 24 hours.  So far, 17,38,990 total positives, 15,93,921 recoveries, and 11,296 fatalities have been recorded on the state's Covid-19 chart.

According to the bulletin, the number of active cases has dropped to 1,33,773.  The infection positive rate, which peaked at 25.56 percent in mid-May, when the state was reporting daily cases in excess of 20,000, has now dropped to little over 12%. After 1.96 crore total tests, the overall infection positivity rate was 8.83 percent. 
The recovery graph headed straight up to 91 percent after plummeting to a low of 84.32 percent in mid-May.  According to government data, the overall mortality rate remained steady at 0.65 percent, putting the state in 20th place in the country.  As the number of daily cases decreased and the number of recoveries increased, the burden on hospitals decreased significantly, leaving a substantial number of beds empty, particularly in ICUs.

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Picture Credit: PTI/ANI

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