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Aquarius (20th Jan – 18th Feb) horoscope for 2nd October 2019. Your lucky numbers for the day are 1 and 4. Know more about Aquarius daily predictions.

Written By Sahil Mirani | Mumbai | Updated On:

Aquarians - if you're not sure what direction your life is headed in, it might be time to focus more on yourself than others. Accept your fate that nobody can hold you down other than your own self.

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All of your attention will be focused on your partner today. Your partner will be bringing you special news. Your friends will encourage you to trust in your partner, and if you’re single, they will introduce you to marriageable types. For the ones who are single, today you can move ahead with greater certainty in the pursuit of a partner. If you have resisted yourself from making big changes in your love life recently, this is the time to shoo away all your fears and venture towards a new summit of romantic adventure.

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Finances in this month will be stable for you. There are chances that money will flow in from some surprise sources. Whatever investments you had made in the past are going to bring you some profits this month. But your savings can go downhill if you make investments without proper research or management, so plan accordingly. Avoid getting involved in real estate business. Do try your hand at the stock market though.

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If you are an Aquarius working in business, examine the possibilities technology and social media bring in. Those who have been waiting for permission to begin a passion project or perhaps to take a leap of faith should take it proactively. Professional projects are likely to come to fruition today so it is a powerful and appropriate time to ask for more money. The future ahead looks bright and promising.

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Take good care of your health if you are planning a journey. Problems related to stomach and throat are likely. Hence, avoid street food and cold water. Try to manage a health check-up this week. Regular yoga and meditation will help your body to balance energies. Go for a morning walk to start your day with a daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air. This will not only help your body but also help to keep your mind healthy.

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