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Arnab Asks "Why The Pseudo Secular Media Is Silent?" After A 20-year-old Was Killed In West Bengal For Supporting BJP

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Even as a 20-year old Dalit boy was brutally killed in West Bengal's Purulia district on for supporting the BJP, Republic TV’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami asks, “Why the pseudo secular media is silent?”

“This story is buried deliberately by the so called ‘pseudo-secular media’. The aftermath of the incident also proves that the Dalit activities, who are the paid agents of the Congress party are nothing but hypocrites because they have all gone silent. In this case, not one of them is tweeting, speaking or hitting the streets,” said Arnab Goswami.

The 20-year-old was identified as Trilochan Mahato. Scribbled on the back and front of his white colour T-Shirt was a shocking message. There was another horrifying note that was found on a piece of paper which was left at his feet dangling just inches from the ground.

Roughly translated the horrific message said,"This is for doing BJP politics from age 18. Been trying to kill you since the vote. Failed. Today your life ends".

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