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What Is The JNU Truth? As Videos Help Piece Together What Transpired, Here's Arnab's View

A massive political controversy and blame-game has erupted on Monday following the shocking attack on students of New Delhi's prestigious JNU

A massive political controversy and blame-game has erupted on Monday following the shocking attack on students of New Delhi's prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Sunday evening. The controversy swirls around the identity of the masked mob that invaded the campus and viciously attacked members of the student community as well as faculty. Armed with rods and sticks, the attackers also partook in the wanton destruction of campus property.

As early as Sunday evening, the politicians had descended on JNU campus, castigating the police, and the ruling government over the ghastly incident, which saw a number of students ending up in hospital. On Monday, the government and opposition began a 'whodunnit', with the Opposition insisting that the outsiders comprised members of the ABVP, while the ABVP and BJP alleged that it had been Left student groups that had been the perpetrators, following which the Congress party made to make political hay.

With videos from and before the incident helping piece together what exactly had transpired at JNU - and with separatist placards being witnessed in the aftermath of the attack - Republic Media Network's Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami had the following to say:

"While it was extremely worrying to see the visuals of masked goons in JNU yesterday, it appears, most of the media came to a premature conclusion. Now, we have visuals which show the brutality of the Left and the barbaric attack of the Left student leaders leading bloody masked mobs. We have pictures as well of left student leaders physically assaulting fellow students who want to appear in the examination, and we have now got evidence of how any student in JNU who wanted to get registered in exams was the subject of bloody attacks by the Left. So now that this evidence is out, and now that it is clear that it is the Left which has been not just starting but unleashing relentless violence on all those who want to follow the academic schedule in JNU and now that, those coming out in the JNU protests have been identified as the pro-Pakistan groups asking for independence for Kashmir. And now that all this hard-coded evidence is being broadcast on the Republic network, the nation wants to know, whether the idle mind called Anurag Kashyap will bother to tweet tonight? Or whether once again, he and his ilk, will pretend to look the other way? The nation wants to know."  

Pre-violence video emerges of JNUSU prez leading masked mob mins before she was attacked

Video accessed from JNU campus

In a video emerging from the JNU campus and shared by the ABVP, the JNU Students' Union (JNUSU) President Aishe Ghosh can be seen along with a mob of masked men. However, later in the night on Sunday, she was brutally attacked in the violence that unleashed on the campus. The video accessed purportedly shows a mob masked Left students on campus. 

'Free Kashmir' poster spotted at Mumbai's protest against JNU violence

'Free Kashmir' poster spotted at Mumbai, crime branch investigates

Earlier in the day, protests against the JNU violence which have been witnessed in Mumbai since Sunday night took a bizarre turn when 'Free Kashmir' posters were spotted at Gateway of India on Monday.

Delhi Police's Investigation

Meanwhile, Delhi Police PRO MS Randhawa briefed the media saying that the Crime branch will be investigating the incident in Delhi. Moreover, he revealed that JNU administration allowed them to enter the campus after 7:30 PM and conducted a flag march, taking the situation under control. Delhi Police has constituted a fact-finding committee under the chairmanship of the Joint CP (Western range) Shalini Singh.

JNU attack: All 34 injured discharged, Delhi Crime branch probing violence: LIVE Updates

ABVP and JNUSU blame each other

Both student bodies have claimed that the other student wing had attacked the students using iron rods, by entering hostels with the aide of 'masked mob'. 34 students and faculty members were admitted to AIIMS hospital - including JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh who was discharged from hospital on Monday. The tussle between the students was due to disagreement over student registration for the Winter course, as stated by JNU administration.

Delhi police Crime branch to investigate JNU attack; fact-finding team to probe separately

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