Article 370: Russia Snubs Pak, Calls Kashmir India's Internal Matter

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After 23 days of abrogation of Article 370, Russian envoy said it internal matter and that it has nothing to do, 'will interfere when asked to mediate'

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Even after 23 days of abrogation of Article 370, it remains the topic of debate nationally as well as internationally, with Pakistan's deliberate attempt to prove it as a matter where they can interfere. As Indian government makes it clear on the international forum that the move to abrogate the Article 370 is India's internal affair, on Wednesday Russia supported India. Speaking at a press briefing, Russian envoy to India Nikolay Kudashev said that it in India's internal matter. Deputy Chief of Russian Embassy in India added that ussia has no role to play in India-Pakistan dispute, unless both ask for mediation.

Russia backs India's abrogation of Article 370

Russian envoy Kudashev said: "It is crystal clear that it belongs to Indian public, its decision to India's constitution, it is sovereign decision of Indian government. It is a constitutional matter of India and that it internal matter of India. sovereign decision of Indian government, it's an internal matter of India. All issues existing between India & Pakistan should be resolved through dialogue on the basis of Shimla agreement & Lahore declaration." Roman Babushkin, Deputy Chief of Russian Embassy in India added: "Russia has no role to play in India-Pakistan dispute, unless both ask for mediation. During the closed-door event at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), we reiterated that Kashmir is an internal issue of India."

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Russia backed India in UN

NSA Ajit Doval visited last week visited Moscow at the invitation of Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian National Security Council and discussed regional cooperation.  Russia's deputy permanent representative, Dimitry Polyanskiy told reporters before entering the closed door meeting of the UN that Moscow's view is that it is a "bilateral issue" between India and Pakistan. He said the meeting was being held to understand what is happening.

"That's what closed consultations are for. What does Russia think the next step should be- we favour bilateral track between india and Pakistan. You know our position. It hasn't changed. Today we have closed consultations and we will just exchange opinions and see what we can do and what we cannot do. It is a normal process."  When asked if Russia was concerned over the tense situation between India and Pakistan, Polyanskiy said, "we are very much concerned. We hope to avoid it. Asked if the Council can play a useful role, he replied, "We first need to discuss and then we'll see." Replying to another question, he said, "sometimes it is better not to touch upon such an issue. It's a bilateral issue," the Russian diplomat said.

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Imran Khan addressed Pak on Kashmir

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday held press briefing alleging atrocities against Kashmiris, issuing several statements on Kashmir including a bizarre move to declare himself as Kashmir's ambassador. He said that escalating matter with India is only going to increase the threat of a nuclear war. "If the (Kashmir) conflict moves towards war then remember both nations have nuclear weapons and no one is a winner in a nuclear war. It will have global ramifications," he said. "The superpowers of the world have a huge responsibility...whether they support us or not, Pakistan will do everything possible," Imran Khan added. The Pakistan PM said that the time had come for the country to be decisive on the Kashmir issue.He had also asked the people of Pakistan to stand up for Kashmir 'in solidarity', literally, every Friday between 12 to 12:30. "We should give Kashmiri people a message that we are with them. This Friday, from 12 to 12:30, you must stop work and stand with the public to tell the people that we are with Kashmiri people."

India warns Pakistan over PoK

Vice President says Handover PoK

Vice President  issued a statement on Pakistan occupied Kashmir on Wednesday. Speaking in Vishakhapatnam, VP Venkaiah Naidu said that only talk with Pakistan will be about Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). The VP said: "There is elected govt in the state, we will see our things, something that remains to be discussed is handover remaining part of Kashmir. Kashmir is integral part, we have done administrative adjustment. That is within our country's ambit. Parliament removed a temporary arrangement. Unnecessary interference by anyone we wont tolerate. We are capable of sorting our issues. We are not war-mongering country, we are peace loving country." 

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh sets the terms for Imran Khan, says 'if there is talk with Pakistan then it will be on PoK'

Home Minister Amit Shah says PoK is ours

Home Minister  Amit Shah gave a stern message to its neighbouring Pakistan as well as China during his speech discussing abrogation of Article 370, that PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) and Aksai Chin areas are integral parts of Jammu and Kashmir. He went on to add that he will sacrifice his life for Jammu and Kashmir.

  "Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of Union of India. Kashmir ki seema mein PoK bhi aata hai. Jaan de denge iske liye (PoK comes under the boundaries of Kashmir. We will die for it)", Amit Shah had said. 

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Defence Minister says will talk only on PoK

The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made an unsparing attack at Pakistan. The Defence Minister slammed the country for its continued backing to terror outfits even as it plays the victim narrative in front of the world after Kashmir's integration with India. He even said that if India will hold talks with Pakistan, it would be only about Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir.

While speaking at Panchkula, Haryana on Sunday, he said: "Pakistan is running from one country to another asking to save it. What have we done? Even the United States asked Pakistan to have talks with India. We have had two Constitution, two emblems, our PM decided to put an end to that. Article 370 was abrogated in J&K for its development," he said. "Pakistan says India should have talks with it. Talks with Pakistan will be held only if it stops supporting terror. And when we will hold a dialogue, it will now be on PoK (Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir)," he added. 

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