As Minister Of Pakistan, He Blamed India For 26/11. Now, Rehman Malik Is Lobbying Hard For Rahul Gandhi As PM In 2019

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In 2010, Rehman Malik accused India of having a role in 26/11. But now, he is lobbying for Rahul Gandhi to dethrone Narendra Modi as PM of India

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

In 2010, he attacked the Congress-led UPA government, denied ISI's involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks and accused India of having a role in the terrorist act. But eight years later, the same man is lobbying for now Congress President Rahul Gandhi to become the next Prime Minister of India.

Rehman Malik, who was the Interior Minister of Pakistan at the start of this decade, was at the forefront of an attack by Pakistan on three terror blasts in India, which included the devastating terror attack in Mumbai.

What he said in 2010?

The controversial Pakistan leader had argued in 2010 that terrorist attacks in India, especially the ones which took place in Mumbai, could not have taken place without the involvement of an Indian network. "I had said very openly during a press conference that such a major terrorist incident like the Mumbai attacks could not have happened without the involvement of an Indian network," he told the reporters.

Malik further mentioned, "There was (an Indian) network when the Samjhauta Express was (attacked in 2007). There was also (an Indian) network involved in the attack on Indian Parliament (in 2001). These are three networks that have been identified as existing in India." 

All out support for Rahul Gandhi in 2018

Nearly eight years after he accused India of having a role in the Mumbai terror attack, Malik seems to have gone soft on the Congress party, who were in power from 2008 to 2013, but are in opposition presently.

He posted a series of tweets on Monday, backing Congress President Rahul Gandhi to dethrone Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India in the 2019 elections. Malik's comments not only indicated his support for Rahul, but also his hatred for PM Modi, whose government called off talks between two countries at UNGA following the barbaric acts by Pakistan terrorists in Kashmir.

The ex-Pakistan minister, in one of his tweets, declared that the Rahul will become the next PM of India while launching an attack on PM Modi. His message read, "RG is ur next PM therefore respect him. I in humble capacity all alone have exposed your RAW / PM Modi in the world & the world media is paying more attention to my substantive evidence based tweets agst PM Modi not your abuses to me.Stop abusing &grow up dear Indian abusers"

He further went onto laud the Congress President for exposing the Rafale scam. "The one who exposed Jet Gate scandal is no one but Rahul ur own Citizen and leader.U see ur inimical mindset that u want to hand him over-to Pak just because he exposed Jet Gate agst your RSS infected PM Modi.what a shame.Note it .He will beat PM Modi in Jet Gate&next elections," he tweeted.

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