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As PM Modi Calls Out Oppn On 'Om' And 'Cow', Here's Arnab's Take

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PM Modi made a stern statement on Wednesday while speaking at the launch of National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura. In a veiled attack at the Opposition, PM Modi raised the terms 'cow phobia' and 'Om phobia'. Stating that there are 'many' who are trying to destroy the nation, PM Modi added that they get an electric shock on hearing the word 'cow'. However, his remarks drew sharp criticism from Opposition, with AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi accusing the Prime Minister of speaking on 'one religion'. 

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Here's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami's take on the matter:

"The Prime Minister says, and rightly so, that whenever anyone mentions 'Om' and the sacred cow, then those who have cow phobia have a thousand volt or more electric current passing through them. Cow phobia is today a broad generalisation on my debate, a broad generalisation for the purpose of the debate for all those who carry an anti-Hindu sentiment in their minds. For all those who take great pleasure of categorising anything Hindu obsoletely ancient, unscientific, intolerant, irrational, unsound, illogical and hence anti-progress, anti-growth, and an obstacle to India's future. At a broader level, cow phobia, therefore, is not just for tonight's debate for hating the cow. The cow for tonight's debate is a metaphor for Hindu faith, Hindu customs and a Hindu way of life. Cow phobia, in that sense, is the view that is rooted in tradition is bad, being rooted in your own culture, should be a subject of hate or embarrassment and certainly should not be a matter of pride. I believe if there is anything that is holding India back, it is, therefore, #CowPhobia and that's why I invite you to raise your voice against #CowPhobia tonight."

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Launching the NADCP in Mathura, PM Modi also asserted that the rural economy cannot be imagined without animals and therefore the govt is focussing on animal welfare. The launch of the programme is expected to herald the nation into a mission mode to save and nurture livestock, Indian farmers' most valuable source of additional income. PM Modi expressed a keen interest in the issue. He also had a conversation with the veterinary doctors who were present there to examine the animals that were to be taken for surgery.

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