Ashok Tanwar Suggests The Future Of Congress Will Be 'hellish'

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The former Congress state chief Ashok Tanwar, while speaking to Republic TV, has said that the people will know where the party ends up on October 24.

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After quitting the party, former Congress State Chief Ashok Tanwar, while speaking to Republic TV, said the people will know where the party is heading towards on October 24. He also hinted at the "hellish" future of the Congress party that is inevitable, when he said "ya shamshaan mei gayi" during his interview. Ashok Tanwar quit the part on October 5, over “internal contradictions” within the party. He spoke about how some forces in the party are weakening it and how there is an ongoing division of factions within Congress. Tanwar also highlighted the unfair ticket distribution method in the party. He posted his resignation letter on Twitter.

'Will see where the party goes’ 

When asked about the video featuring, Ahmed Patel, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Ashok Tanwar replied to their statement which roughly translates to:

“We will only know where the party is on October 24. Whether it goes in a coffin, in a cemetery, in the air, inside the ground or in the hell”. When asked about the future of the party, he said, “The people who have been given the command to lead the party earlier said that they were powerful, even media addressed them as ‘mass leaders’. So, we will see their ‘mass’ and see their ‘leadership’, we have hardly 19 to 20 days left, everything will come out in open and people will judge it”. 

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Congress vs Congress? 

“It's happening, the top leadership has to identify who is the real well-wisher and who is connected to the grassroots. They say that ‘System sei ticket kati hai’ (The selection process was done systematically) But none of our cited criteria was fulfilled. I don’t want to comment on faction. But one thing is sure that the people who were groomed by Rahul Gandhi in the last decade are becoming the prime targets of these people, who are the professional killers in terms of politics. Even the people who are now with other political parties are also targeting us. The people like us who are completely dedicated and honestly working for the party are being targeted by others.” 

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Who are the political murderers? 

When asked about names of political murderers that Ashok Tanwar was addressing, he said, “Most of them are known, I cannot name them but my letter hints to them. These people who have not visited the state, not even twice in four years. Only two general secretaries have visited our state. Now they are suddenly deciding about our fate. We have been toiling for the party, we were attacked brutally in Delhi and Haryana. This is not only to weaken me, but it is also weakening the top leadership. They must identify these termites and sanitize Congress for its revival” 

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‘Fighting for hard workers’ 

When asked about who Ashok Tanwar was fighting for, he said, “Who was I fighting for? I was not fighting for myself? If I had been doing that, the day I was removed, I would've shown strong opposition. I was fighting for the people who gave their sweat, blood, their personal and their family life to the party but were ignored completely. I was also fighting because the people who were defectors and non-congressman were given the tickets. When the list of the candidates came out, it was dominated by the names of those people who did nothing for the Congress party in the last five years.” 

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