Ayodhya Verdict: Baba Ramdev & Asaduddin Owaisi At Loggerheads; WATCH

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Yoga guru Baba Ramdev lashed out at AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi for his criticism of the SC over the Ayodhya verdict accusing him of spreading communal hatred.

Written By Shubhayan Bhattacharya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev lashed out at AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi for his criticism of the Supreme Court over the Ayodhya verdict, accusing him of spreading communal hatred. Speaking to Republic TV Ramdev said, "He (Owaisi) has no faith in Indianess. He has a communal agenda and he wants to keep it for political gains. He is not loyal to the cause of Hindu-Muslim harmony. He wants to divide the country along communal lines by spreading hate." Ramdev also rejected any talk or suggestion of India turning into any sectarian nation, as Owaisi had claimed with a 'Hindu Rashtra' allegation

When asked about Owaisi's questioning of the Supreme Court suggesting that faith triumphed over facts in the verdict, Ramdev reiterated that the AIMIM chief is only interested in communal agenda. "When it suits him, he says the court and constitution are supreme. When it doesn't suit him and it goes against his communal agenda, then he cries foul." He added, "Today the entire country is talking about unity, harmony, peace and prosperity; yet he is trying to heat things up. What is his agenda?"

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Chapter closed says Ramdev

"I believe that we should now no more talk about mandir-masjid. This matter is finished now. Now our priority should be development, growth, national unity, communal harmony... The country has to go a long way. There will be temples, there will be mosques, there will Hindus, there will be Muslims but above all will are a nation," said the Yoga guru when asked about Owaisi's assertion that the Sangh Pariwar will now search for other mosques to build temples.

'Time to move on'

Owaisi had previously said that he will remind the coming generations of what happened in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992. On that, Ramdev rebutted saying, "We will also tell our coming generations what was the condition of India before the arrival of Humayun and Babur. Why do you want to provoke this? Would talk of age-old conflicts take our country forward? We should not talk about such things. Some mistakes were made by our ancestors... Now its time to move on." Ramdev asserted that people should not stick to age-old issues and things of the past and continue fights, rather should move ahead for better things.

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Owaisi unhappy over SC verdict

Dissenting with the Supreme Court's unanimous judgment on the Ayodhya dispute, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, on Saturday, stated that the verdict was final but he was dissatisfied with the verdict. Quoting Justice Verma, he said that the "Supreme Court was Supreme but not infallible". He also advised the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AMPLB) to reject the SC offer to allot an alternated 5-acre land to construct a mosque. 

No need for charity: Owaisi

Slamming the demolition of the Babri Masjid, he pointed out that those responsible for the act have been directed to make a trust to construct a temple. Stating that the Indian Muslim did not need charity, he added that the Muslims did not need aid to build a mosque elsewhere. He stated that the Muslims were fighting for their constitutional rights.

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