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Ayodhya Verdict: Here Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Full Speech

Addressing the nation on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about the verdict delivered by the Supreme Court in the Ayodhya land dispute case.

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Akhil Oka

Addressing the nation on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about the verdict delivered by the Supreme Court in the Ayodhya land dispute case. He highlighted India's democratic tradition. Moreover, he added that crores of Indians had created a new history on November 9.

PM Modi observed, "Welcome, I was in Punjab for the entire day. After reaching Delhi, I felt that I should talk to you. Today, the Supreme Court has pronounced its verdict on a very important matter, which has a centuries-long history. The entire country desired that this matter should be heard in the court every day, which happened. Today, the verdict has come out. The judicial proceedings which continued till decades have come to an end now. Friends, the entire world believes that India is the world’s largest democracy. Today, the world has also come to know that India’s democracy is so alive and strong. After the verdict was out, the manner in which every group, people of every community, the entire country accepted it with an open heart symbolises India’s ancient culture, traditions, and brotherhood. Brothers and sisters, the reason India is known for and we talk about it with pride is Unity in diversity. Unity in diversity- this mantra is today seen totally. I feel proud. Even after thousands of years, someone has to understand the main principle of India- unity in diversity. And he will definitely recall today’s historic day and today’s event. And this event is not taken from history. Crores of Indians are today themselves creating a new history. They are adding a new golden page to the history books."  

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'Golden chapter'

PM Modi opined that the verdict was a golden chapter in India's history. He congratulated the judges, courts and the judicial system on this occasion. Contending that the Kartarpur corridor opening was a powerful message, he noted that there was no room for fear and negativity in New India.

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He remarked, "Friends, today is a golden chapter in the history of India’s judiciary. On this matter, during the hearing, the Supreme Court listened to everyone. It listened to them very patiently. And it is good news for the entire country that the verdict was unanimous. As a citizen, we all know that even if we have to solve a problem within the family, there is so much difficulty. This is not an easy task. Supreme Court has showcased great determination via this verdict. That’s why the country’s judges, courts and our judicial system today deserve to be specially congratulated. Friends, today is November 9. November 9 was the same date when the Berlin wall fell. Two different ideologies had come together with a new resolve. Today, on November 9, the Kartarpur corridor has commenced. In this, India has also contributed and Pakistan too. Today, with the verdict on Ayodhya, this date of November 9 is giving us the lesson of progressing by remaining together. The message of today is to connect, to get connected and to live together. Today is the occasion to wash away the ill-feelings in anyone’s mind regarding all these things. In new India, there is no place for fear, ill-will, and negativity."

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'Look towards the future'

The PM also focused on how the most complicated issues could be solved within the framework of the Indian constitution. Maintaining that this was a new dawn for the country, he urged all citizens to work towards a new India. Finally, he concluded his remarks by wishing the people for the upcoming festivals. 

PM Modi stated, "Friends, today’s Supreme Court verdict has given a message to the nation that the solution for the most complex problem comes within the ambit of the constitution only. It comes within the ambit of the law. We have to learn from this verdict that irrespective of whether it takes some time, even then maintaining patience is the topmost priority. In every situation, it is very important that we maintain our trust in India’s constitution and India’s judicial system. Friends, this decision of the Supreme Court is a new dawn for us. Even though this conflict affects many generations but after this verdict, we have to make a resolve that the new generation will work towards new India. Welcome to a new start. Let us make a New India. We have to determine our trust and development taking into account whether someone has not been left behind. We have to take everyone together, ensuring the development of everyone, ensuring the confidence of everyone, we have to continue moving forward. Friends, Supreme Court has given a verdict for the construction of Ram Mandir. Now, the responsibility of nation-building on every citizen has increased even more. Along with this, as a citizen, the responsibility of following the judicial process, following the rules has also increased. Now, it is imperative for India’s bright future that every Indian has to carry out his duty. Our harmony, unity, peace, and love is very important for the development of the country. We have to look towards the future. And we have to keep working for India. Before India, there are many challenges, many targets. Every Indian will ace this target working together. Once again, remembering this day of November 9, with a resolve to move forward, I wish you for the upcoming festivities, Eid is there tomorrow. Thank you!"

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