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Baloch Activist To PM Modi & Donald Trump: Save Us From Pakistan Army

A Baloch activist Kehkashan Haider, belonging to Muhajir Qaumi Movement has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save them from the atrocities of Pak army

Even as Pakistan unsuccessfully continues to bring Kashmir at every international forum, Baloch activists in New York has exposed the atrocity of the Pakistan army. A Baloch activist Kehkashan Haider, belonging to the Muhajir Qaumi Movement has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Donald Trump and the United Nations to save them from the atrocities of the Pak army. Speaking about her leader who has been banned by the Pakistani administration and exposing Pakistan's atrocity on minorities, she said: Mr. Altaf Hussain is the founder leader of MQM, who has been living in exile in London from the past 28 years. Mr. Altaf Hussain along with 7 crore Mohajirs believes that India's partition was the biggest blunder in history and we do not consider it. We believe it was a mistake made by our elders, it's a sin committed by our ancestors.

"Since the time we went to Pakistan and till date, from past 72 years, we haven't got a government job, we haven't got a federal job, we don't have a government job or a federal job or in army or police, we don't have a job anywhere." She went on to say that Pakistani authorities have demolished their offices and they are not allowed to vote. She said that they don't have political freedom and the door of opportunities has been shut on their face," Haider added.

She then went on to request PM Modi to help them. She also called Pakistan a terror state and requested the United Nations, and the US President Donald Trump take action. "We request President Trump and Mr Modi, we request the world leaders, we demand freedom from Pakistan. Pakistan should be blacklisted, all the fundings and aid to Pakistan should be stopped. Pakistan is a terrorist state. This country has become a graveyard for minorities, this country is a graveyard. Help us, we will get together at the United Nations, we will protest against Imran Khan, ISI, and the Pakistani army, all the communities are united now. We want freedom from this country, we want our basic rights, we want our right to live. We request you 'please help us'. The way Pakistan has spread terrorism in the entire world, ISI and Pakistani Army, this terrorism should be ended, we are asking for help on the basis of humanity, please help us. Mr Modi, we are your neighbor, we live in your neighbouring country Mr Modi, please help us, please save us. I request you with folded hands to save us from ISI and Pakistani army," she added.

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Baloch activist say Pakistan PM Imran Khan is a 'puppet'

Baloch National movement activist Nabi Baloch has exposed atrocities committed by the Pakistan administration on the Baloch. Speaking to Republic TV, Nabi has said that Pakistan PM Imran Khan is a 'puppet' of the army. He added that Khan talking about justice in Kashmir is his hypocrisy. He said that the state of Pakistan is taking forward its project of terrorism in the name of Islam. "Why are they talking about Islam? This is not what Islamic culture teaches. They are spreading the agenda and project of terrorism in the name of Islam," he said. 

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Baloch activists demand 'Free Balochistan' from Pakistan

Republic TV spoke to activists from Baloch National movement on Saturday at Houston. Exposing Pakistan's atrocities, Nabi Baksh Baloch from the Baloch National movement had said: "We have a request to the Prime Minister who has reached Houston. Our basic demand is to remove the hold of Pakistan on Balochistan, where human rights violation is being done. Cultural genocide, mass killings, and mass grabbing is occurring. We demand President Donald Trump and PM Modi to intervene. They are the world's top two leaders and we demand them to help us in the freedom of Balochistan. The CPEG project in Balochistan is a genocide project because Pakistan has never cared for Balochi people, only their land, property. Hence we are here and will be standing outside the venue with banners - Free Balochistan. We want free Balochistan from Pakistan."

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PM Modi in the US

Prime Minister Modi is on a six-day US visit. He attended the mega Howdy Modi event on the first day and addressed 50,000 Indian Americans at the NRG Stadium in Houston. US President Donald Trump also made his appearance at the event. The very next day, on September 23, the Prime Minister addressed the UN Climate Summit at the UN headquarters in New York. On September 24, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Gandhi Solar park and spoke at a special program to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary. He also met US president for bilateral talks. He addressed the GBF on Wednesday and is scheduled to speak at the UNGA on September 27. 

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