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BBC Replies To Republic's Mail On Kashmir Video Under Govt's Lens, Stands By Report

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  • Republic questioned the BBC if the videos were shot by BBC, found at a 'neutral space' or planted on them by a third party.
  • It was also asked the video was sourced directly or indirectly through a stringer. 

The international media outlet, BBC refuting to government's stand, defended their video after Republic Media Network extended a query to seek clarification on the alleged misleading and fake videos published by them of the Kashmir valley. 

In an extensive email, Republic questioned BBC if the videos were shot by the international news portal, found at a 'neutral space' or planted on them by a third party. It was also asked the video was sourced directly or indirectly through a stringer. 

However, without answering any of the above queries, the BBC responded with a statement saying:

The BBC stands by its journalism and we strongly refute any claims that we have misrepresented events in Kashmir. We are covering the situation impartially and accurately. Like other broadcasters, we are currently operating under severe restrictions in Kashmir but we will continue to report what is happening.

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On August 10, in an 'exclusive video' published by BBC from Saura, Kashmir, it was reported that thousands of people took to the streets of Srinagar after the Friday prayers in the largest demonstration since the lockdown imposed in Jammu and Kashmir. It further allegedly witnessed security personnel opening fire and using tear gas to disperse people. 

The contents of the video exhibited men running, shouting and gunfire could be heard in the background. There is then, a cut in the video,  and the scene shifts to hundreds on the street, some with placards and banners that allegedly read "We want freedom" and "abrogation of Article 370 is not acceptable to us."

On Republic TV's campaign against fake news on Twitter, the Home Ministry has called upon a delegation from international media asking them to show unedited version of the videos they had played to prove that they weren't doctored. 

Information and Technology Ministry (IT Ministry) on Tuesday, has reportedly invoked Section 69 (A) of the Information Technology Act and will write to Twitter to allegedly block a number of accounts for their 'anti-India rants', according to sources. Sources further report that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has directed the IT Ministry to act immediately. The MHA has reportedly shortlisted a list of more than 100 accounts - of which a dozen accounts have been red-flagged for immediate action.

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