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Bengal Tiger Tries To Attack Locals, Tourists In Sundarbans; People Narrate Ordeal

At around 6.20 in the morning, some villagers in the Sundarban area noticed that a tiger was hiding inside the building. Watch what happened next —

Tiger attacks are generally rare in India but reportedly they have increased in Sundarbans because their hunting grounds are gradually being submerged due to a rise in sea levels. 

Agroindustrial global warming is what some reports suggest could be the reason behind this. Some locals from Samsernagar village in Sundarban described a terrifying experience they had recently with the majestic Bengal tiger.

At around 6.20 in the morning, some villagers (at Samsernagar Village) in the Sundarban area noticed that a tiger was hiding inside the building. Later, the Royal Bengal Tiger tried to escape and jumped inside the canal.

The locals immediately informed the forest officers to protect their village because the tiger stood there for over an hour. Villagers came running with rods and weapons which alarmed the animal, the net was too tough for it to bite and tear open, so it swam ahead and eventually found an opening through which he escaped, but tried to return and attack again. By this time, they had alerted everyone to go into the safe zone.

Eventually, they were successful in scaring the tiger but left the people with a horrid experience.


Sundarbans tiger count increases to 96 from 88: Official

The number of tigers in the Sundarbans reserve forest in West Bengal has increased to 96 from the previous estimate of 88, an official said in May 2020. The state forest department arrived at the current figure on the basis of a census conducted between November 2019 and January 2020, he said.

At present, the number of big cats is 96 in the Sundarbans, Chief Wildlife Warden Ravi Kant Sinha told PTI. The previous number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the mangrove forest, released in 2019, was 88, he said, adding that it was based on the big cat census in 2018.

Among the 4,200 square km area in Sundarbans, 3,700 square km is the habitat of big cats. "We need to increase the mangrove cover in a bid to provide for more space to tigers in coming days," he said. This is the first time in the history of the Sundarbans tiger census that the number of big cats shot up by eight from previous such exercise, the official said.

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