Bengaluru VVIP Brat Exposed: Stung IO Reveals Nalapad Was Driving, Changed Number-plate

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The investigative officer revealed that within a minute, the VVIP brat changed the number plate of his car and even started abusing the people around.

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Two days after the Congress MLA NA Harris' son Mohammed Nalapad Harris denied allegations of driving his high-end car recklessly into an autorickshaw, Republic TV on Friday in an investigative report busted the VVIP brat's lie. As per eye-witnesses, the investigative officer revealed that it was Nalapad, himself who was behind the wheels. In the investigative report, it was claimed that Nalapad himself was driving the car that caused the accident injuring a biker and an autorickshaw. The investigative officer further revealed that within a minute, the VVIP brat changed the number plate of his car and putting his arrogance to display started abusing the people around. 

Elaborating the accident, the investigative officer said, "While they were coming from the international airport side to the city incoming while they were taking the (unclear). Mekhri circle underpass...The road is heavily clogged and engineers are working to clear the roads. Every vehicle going there needs to cross the grill. And the vehicles need to slow down. The auto driver was ahead and the bike was behind." The auto driver was driving slowly because he had to cross the grill and the bike had also slowed down."

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Further, it was disclosed that Nalapad was speeding in his car, and first hit a bike, and then toppled an auto-rickshaw carrying a woman and a child. "He was traveling at high speed and did not slow down. While driving, he first hit the bike, and the bike rider fell down and sustained injuries. And then the car again hit the auto driver and then the auto toppled. Topple means topple and one lady along with a child was there inside the auto," the investigative officer said.  "By the grace of God, all were alive. Even after it toppled. But the bike rider sustained injuries. (he suffered) injuries in his leg," he added. 

The stung officer then said that Nalapad abused the people, He said, "Our police team was there after the incident. Our police team was there. And within one minute (not clear)  the car driver came out of his car and after seeing the injured and he grabbed the number plate. He removed the number plate. This happened within one minute. He came out and removed the number plate. And immediately one car pulled up and came beside the car that caused the accident. They shouted, Sir! Sir! Sir! He has done. He (Nalapad) abused them." 

MLA's VVIP Brat Nalapad claims innocence 

The incident occurred on Sunday, after which the VVIP brat was summoned by the Karnataka Police for a hit-and-run case. Nalapad, the rogue son of Congress MLA is currently out on bail after remaining in judicial custody for three months in a case of attempt to murder related to a midnight brawl in February 2018. Addressing the media, the Congress leader's son claimed that he was not driving the car and that the law will take its own course. He further reiterated that he was not even present in the car and that the news is being blown out of proportion.

He said, "If there is evidence, let them prove it. I am going to the court, I will fight it out till I can. This is not the first case of a car accident but I did not drive the car." He claimed that his gunman Balu was driving the car, further stating that there are videos to prove. After recklessly driving and injuring two men, the brat fled the area abandoning his luxury car on the spot. Later, he allegedly sent another person to claim responsibility for the accident.

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