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BJP Leader, Shaina NC Identifies The Key-aspects Of Amit Shah's Discussion At Republic Summit

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  • Speaking of Assembly elections she said that in Rajasthan the difference is only 0.4% in vote share and in Madhya Pradesh BJP lost by a mere 100 votes
  • She said that if you want a strong democracy, you need to have a strong leadership

BJP leader, Shaina NC interacted with Republic TV, encapsulating the discussion that unfolded between BJP president Amit Shah and editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami at the day two of the Republic Summit 2018. The party spokesperson addressed everything from Assembly election results to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the key takeaways from his discussion on 'Surge India'

Questioned about the Assembly election result and Amit Shah's confidence about the 2019 elections, she said, "Not only he is confident, He inspires all of us, obviously we know that in Madhya Pradesh we lost certain seats, but by not even a 100 votes and the fact that you have a vote share which is almost more than the Congress in states were people have kind of suggested that this is some great victory or defeat only shows you that people are wrongly informed if you take Rajasthan the difference is only 0.4% in vote share. So I am confident that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah, we will ensure that we have our vote bank." 

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Condensing the significant points from the Amit Shah conversation earlier on Wednesday, Shaina said, "I am glad that he talks about the majboot (strong) sarkar and not majbur (helpless) sarkar, majboot really means that the country is strong, if you want a strong democracy you need to have a strong leadership a stable government and of course good governance, all of which he highlighted beautifully today." 

"And the interaction with Arnab when he took on the question from the public at large also gives you the sense of understanding how the political dynamics work what are the propaganda politics and what are the reality, So perception versus reality," she added.

When questioned as to how the party identifies with the theme 'Surge India' she praised the Republic Summit 2018.

She said, "I am glad that republic has allowed un-Adult rated conversation which actually spreads fact from lot of time, the perception lot of time there is in data politics which is only propaganda, positioning, and posturing, but here were allowing your leadership to express a viewpoint to the public directly in terms of the question that the public may have had but not really had the opportunity to ask so I like to compliment your channel for allowing the viewer to know the reality and not the lies." 

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